Sunday, September 11, 2005

Shopping Saturday

Ok, I give up! I must be addicted.

Why is it that I feel the need to go shopping every Saturday?
I might not be doing any buying, but I still go. Is one of my genes too 'girly'?
Sometimes I go for less than 10 minutes. I walk in, look at the things I usually buy, and leave. If they are not on sale, or there isn't anything new, I walk out. That's it. 10 minutes.

It sort of reminds me of college. On Friday and Saturday nights, if I had no other plans, I would leave my dorm room and would walk in and out of the bars. If there was no real reason for me to stay, I left. It was sort of like not missing out. The same with shopping, I guess. I don't want to miss out on new stuff or sales.

For example, two-weeks ago I walked into my local Macy's where there must have been 6 racks of dress shirts on clearance. Six racks! Half of them unopened shirts! Are you kidding me? I got three shirts regularly priced at $59.00 for $18 dollars, and a $49.99 shirt for $13.00. I went on the right day; did not missed out. But I missed on going back last week because of the labor day holiday. So I 'needed' to go back today. Saturday. There were a couple of nice looking shirts that I left behind then. What the heck, I could afford dress shirts at that price. They would increase my inventory, and keep me from the dry cleaning bill a little bit longer.

One thing that happens to me is that I do not always purchase everything I see and like. Only to come back later wanting to get it and finding out the piece of clothing is no longer available.

And on top of that, another strange thing used to happen. If I really liked a shirt(or a trouser), but they did not have my specific size, I would sacrifice a perfect fit just to have the item. Even though I knew that later on the fit would drive me nuts. Today, I had a shirt in my hands 1/2 a size bigger. Why? She stayed at the store, but by now I should not even been thinking about it.

Now check this out. Last week when I bought those four shirts, I had just came in from the dry cleaning, and had counted my long sleeve, dress shirts... 59! Taking into consideration that I get off 2 days off for Thanksgiving, 2 for Christmas and the 31st of December; and that I have 10 days of vacation left, I don't need to dry clean or worry about a clean dress shirt until 2006. I do not need to, it does not mean I am not going to. But still, why was I looking to buy more shirts? The 'girly' gene?

The Bangles had their Manic Monday. I have my Shopping Saturday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

59 shirts..??? Not even my husband!!!

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