Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Some after (storm) thoughts

If you are still wondering whether the federal government was slow or not in responding to the tragedy of New Orleans, look at the pictures today, Tuesday, Sept 6th, and compare them to last week's images. It didn't take long for everything to get much better once the green helicopters started filling the skies of the city the green trucks (carrying food and other supplies) waded through the flooded streets, and the city became a marina of rescue-watercraft. Can you make your own images if these actions would have taken place last Tuesday?
Kanye West
While as an American you can express your opinion, choose your platform wisely. While we justly berate the inaction, bad decisions and excuses of those in government, we do not poison the noble message of helping the 'residents' of New Orleans with angry spews of reverse-racism and hatred toward others.

Hurricane Season
People are talking about rebuilding and the time it will take. But, did you stop to think that another of the repercussions of the slow response is the possibility that another hurricane might come in and pile on top of this one? After all, this is still hurricane season.


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