Sunday, September 18, 2005

Special(ty) Gifts

One of the most frequent question people face is what kind of gift to give to a family member or a friend. I, for one, love finding the gifts that not everyone gives; those that are special.

If I had all the money in the world, I would be a professional 'gift-er'! The expressions found on the people that are caught by surprised by our gifts, or simply, the unknowing re-creation of the faces they use to make on Christmas morning when they were kids, is simply, well, a greater gift.

When making a gift, you are hopefully showing a sincere appreciation or affection. Keep your ears and eyes open. People are telling you all the time the things they do, like and want. They just don't say "why don't you get me one of those?" Allow me to share some of the gifts that I have made recently, and totally loved giving.

My "godchild" has found an intense love and passion for triathlons. The first one in the family . While in the past few years I followed Cycling, I never had anyone in my family who knew what the word 'peloton' meant. Now I do. Each of the last few years I have wonder what to get this 24 year old female. I could just give her anything, but I can't. Her father selected me to be this child's Godfather when I was only 17. And I cherish that.

So this year, after waking up every morning to watch the 'Tour de France', I knew someone else was following the event. And her instant messenger quickly announced that 'Lance had won again!'. Well, what else to give her, but one of the cycling jerseys that the Discovery Cycling Team wore on the day they paraded into Paris celebrating Armstrong's record 7th in a row victory? It is important for me to note, that Yellow is the color Lance has chosen in his LIVESTRONG campaign against cancer. Disease that took away my mother; her aunt.

And here are two other gifts that I recently gathered for my uncle (her dad) and a family friend.
My uncle and my friend have run marathons. These are the actual t-shirts of the races. The 2004 New York Marathon with a picture of my uncle is on the left. And below, the official t-shirt for the 2005 Rome Marathon with my friend's (bib) number.

These are the creations of South Florida's Jim Niemir at the Please click on this logo and go to his website just to browse his 'gallery' or better yet, create a special gift for someone.

My uncle was responsible for my first marathon in 1994. I have my beautiful framed tshirt, medal and number from that event in my room. It means something to me. This was my uncle's last marathon, and my friend's second International marathon. She was the sister I do not have as she took care of my dad when mom passed away. And to think she laughed at me when I asked her to run one with me someday. But then again, everyone that I introduced to the marathon, first laughed and now have ran one faster than me.

Either way, hopefully these will mean something special to my uncle and my friend!


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