Friday, September 09, 2005

Vignettes (or Beignets...?)

Mike Brown. "Brownie you're doing a heck of a job"...Being the talking head of a political appointee position and padding your resume that is. If only the rest of the nation could have such luck finding good jobs with little experience. Which reminds me, I believe if most employees 'messed up' that bad they would be fired.

Michael Chertoff. Another lawyer with no emergency experience leading the Homeland Security Department? On your live TV conference today you 'barked' to a reporter who dared to direct a question to Mike Brown with "You heard the rules. I thought I was being as clear as I could be in english"... What school did you go to? Rumsfeld U? Is this a requisite to work for this administration?

Nancy Pelosi. Wow, the democratic party has reduced itself to a one woman force. Where is the rest of the supposed opposition hidding? I thought this was a two-party, three powers, check and balance democratic system.

Dick Cheney. After another great magician performance (sometimes you see me, but most of it you don't), he appeared in the Gulf Coast to 'show he cares'.... 10 days later!! Whether he personally wanted to see the devastation or it was an obligation, he experienced the aftermath in the form of cussed words directed at him. And what did he do? Rather than trying to take the pulse of that reaction, he callously tells the reporter "he must be a friend of John.. " John who Mr Cheney?; Kerry? Edwards? Are you still in campaign mode? Is this political to you? Did I need to ask that last question?

Ben Marble. He is the alleged Gulport resident who uttered some choice words at Mr Cheney yesterday, while the Vice-President was being interviewed live by CNN. While I advocate respect and do not condone insulting someone with cuss words, there is a silver lining here; authority when wrong needs to be questioned and critiqued openly in the most candid way. We the citizens need to keep public administrators accountable. Which takes me back to possible reasons of why Cheney performs disappearance acts.

John Roberts. Not a part of the New Orleans debacle. But I am a firm believer that we can learn lessons from so called coincidences. Are we supposed to gather that political favors paid in the forms of appointments turn out to be disastrous?


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