Friday, November 25, 2005

I give thanks for friends!

I give thanks for friends!! No, not the TV show, just friends, period.

If you read my earlier post, you can see that I took a 'profile test' in which I scored low in the friends area. I am a person who has lots of friends but just give my all to a selected few (ok dont disown me now). And I have been down on those 'selected' few lately.

However, the day before, and on Thanksgiving, I received calls from so many of my friends, which was very nice and overwhleming. As if God was sending these messengers to my life. Yesterday, it was the first thing to come to mind in my prayer "I give thanks for friends". It makes you get a better sense of who appreciates you. My friend Michelle called and said how grateful she was because I was her friend. Then, we 'three-way-called' our friend Mary and left her a message saying more or less the same. She returned the call at 1242am est. Mary, please remember there is a 3 hours difference between us. And while these nights are sleepless for me, at midnight, I'm taking my strongest stab at achieving deep REMs. Try at 200am next time, you might get me.

This serves to re-enforce to me the fact that being loyal to my friends is one of my top values; not just an answer to a personality test question. It also makes me realize we need to tend to all of our friends throughout the year. And if something ever goes wrong, reach out. Its not about being wrong or right, but recognizing the sentiments we all have. And remember to give them thanks!

Musings from Black Friday

My halogen lamp'bulb' expired. I thought I could wait until the weekend to go and buy a new one, since I don't like going to stores on Black Friday. But, I was wrong, I had to go and get it. However, this little errand provided me with some fun life observations;

1- I got lucky in finding a parking spot right away at my local Walmart. A SUV was pulling out from one of the closest parking spaces as I entered the lot. However, the SUV could not continue its pull-out, because standing on its way, either oblivious to the situation or moronically behaving, there was a married couple yelling something at their little girl. "Get off the road, you are going to get hit by a car"; they repeated this a couple of times, until I beeped my horn and pointed to the big black piece of metal reversing into them. That's probably why the girl did not move; she was thinking she might get hit by a car if she went back to her parents.

2- And speaking about going back to their parents, while I was walking to the cash register, this 6 yr old kid went by me running with a familiar face. It was the same face I had when I temporarily lost sight of my parents in Kmart many, many years ago. One filled with panic and the indecision on whether to start howling and alert everyone to what was happening. To many, he was just a kid running. But I knew that face. It made me feel what I felt years ago. I stopped him, looked around, and his parents were not too far behind, even though he was running in the opposite direction. Which begs another question, why do we ALL run in the opposite direction when faced with a hardship? Let's gravitate towards the comfort of loving and familiar hearts.


Blogger Sweetmiss said...

It is nice to hear from friends especially when you don't expect to. Kind of lifts up your spirits a bit.

I couldn't resist going to WalMart either though mine was for a 6 dollar pair of jeans. I do love a good bargain, lol.
I snuck in at 9 in the morning and barely got out at 9:30. I normally hide out at home when all the crazies come out, but for some reason I braved the near blizzard conditions just to buy one item. I know, so very sad isn't it?

I do have one question though and I know you'll not have an answer, but the mom in me must ask. Why in the heck weren't the parents holding her hand or going to get her rather than yelling at her? Wasn't her safety the most important thing?


10:59 PM  
Blogger TMelendez said...

Nice comments sweet!

As a single man I didnt think about that... but if they themselves were standing in the middle of the road, getting ready to be hit by a car... what else could we expect from them?

8:00 PM  

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