Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Adult World of, "Inner Childs"?

There is this thought that has been haunting me for a while... this 'adult' world is inhabited by 'inner childs'. defines the inner child as: one's original self that revels in play; also called child within.

I want to focus on "one's original self". While the inner child can exhibit many different traits, and some of them positive, there are many other aspects of the inner child that do not fit the adult world. Or at least, we should be aware of them, how do they fit a situation, and how not to let that child run wild.

Suze Orman will tell you that in order to understand your financial aptitude or attitude, you need to grasp your relationship with money. That is, growing up, how did you view money, how did you manage money, and how do those concepts make you who you are today.

I think that despite what Randolph and Mortimer argue for, there is no arguing that as human beings we are mostly the product of two things; genetic information (DNA) and our environment. I will bet you a dollar. But most of this genetic information is molded by our early experiences. Look, by twenty we have not really figured out ourselves. But by then we are already considered 'adults'. So we go living our lives in our 'adult' mode. I would like to compare this to the concept of a tree growing up; if for twenty years it grew up in one direction, who is to say it will completely change? Especially if it does not know that is only going in one direction, and the repercussions of that.

I am still amazed at my childhood's perception that God and heaven are somewhere up in the clouds. My logic quickly says not necessarily, since the clouds are in a different position on the other side of the world; and then I am able to rationalize my thoughts. How many of you still do not take a shower or get into the water after eating? But those are easy ones to figure out. What about more complex personality traits? One of the things we can say about the 'inner child' is that it is most present in our emotional make-up, since we were much able to understand emotions as children rather than the intricacies of Global Positioning Systems.

Here is a part of my inner child I would like to share. My father does not like airplanes. As as child I did not do too much travel because of it. As an adult, that inner child has gone wild traveling to many different places, having different friends in many countries, defying conventional behavior, like jumping on a plane with a friend just to go see a concert in London.

As we try to understand our love ones, we need to try to take a look at their 'inner child'. Recently, I confronted a good friend of mine with a situation that affected our friendship; the response was "Its none of your business". I have always found this answer senseless. ... It might not be by business, but that is not what I am asking. For that matter many things in life are 'none of my business'. How could a very good friend retort back to, someone they claim is a 'special friend', with the friendship on the line, with that sentiment, when the question was asked in all care and concerned?

Always expected to do good, this adult simply does not think he/she has to be questioned anymore. This adult now can do whatever. Well, certainly; but does this means that their actions are in the best interest of everyone? Does saying, is 'none of your business' the valid truth to hide behind with no regard to others?

One 'inner child' that always make me chuckle is the one who gives the finger on the road. Wait, you are driving 80mph in a 55mph, I am moving to the left lane, you are trying to run me over, but is my fault, and now I get the finger? I am glad they can express themselves in ways they could not do it before; especially after bad behavior. Here is another situation that makes me laugh. When the 'inner child' misbehaves, have you notice that if you ask if that is what their mother taught them; they will either throw a quick tantrum and leave, or will stop for a few seconds to fall into place, and change their attitude. Their 'inner child' is once again being channeled and made aware of wrongdoing.

But maybe the one thing that really provides me with a lot of humor and further questioning, is the following: I remember going thru high school, then college, and training at work where only a very small minority excelled in analyzing, understanding and dealing with the material. Yeah, only a few people made the curve a little tougher, and the rest just followed in order to pass, but not really even understanding or learning the processes. My question is, how does all of a sudden everyone is a subject matter expert? Just because they have a job, a house, kids, does not mean they do not need any more guidance. Sure, some mature and applied themselves a little more, but if you never really learned compound interest, return on investments, income statements etc, how do you understand fully your contracts, financial statements, your taxes, or even your company's proxy? It is amazing to me how people can read the news, and are not able to differentiate between facts or opinions, and furthermore, not understand the relationships between valid sources, allegations, confirmations or denials, and editorials. But, they are experts at telling everyone else 'what's happening in the world'. Something that earlier in their life, they could not do, and now are dying to demonstrate, and feel good about it.

Forrest Gump was a very good movie. But the reason why it was a very popular movie was totally different. But all in all, have you figured out your 'inner child'? What is it about him/her that explains some of the thigns you do today?


Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I see you say that you have a concerption that God and heaven are somewhere up there in the clouds!

Somehow, I think you may have rethought about this question in answering my post.

7:10 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Let me go get a cup of coffee...and I'll come back...LOL

Have a great day!!!

1:27 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Ok I'm back..LOL

I don't think I'll ever figure out my inner child.....I'm not sure we're even suppose to.....When you stop and think about it...It's all confusing and doesn't add up....Why is it so confusing??....Because you look at it thru the eyes of a child!!!....Just my thoughts!!!

Have a great day!!!

10:14 PM  
Anonymous koreyj said...

How ironic that I considered making a post about this topic only a week ago. Great post especially the references to Forrest Gump.

I hold onto my inner child as best as I some people's minds, a bit too well.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Cheri said...

Great post T-! Got me really thinking. Yes, I know that my inner child appears in many things that I do.

Okay, I have to re-read the post. There was a lot to absorb there...lots of good stuff.

Lori, I can't believe you didn't pick me up a coffee for this one!!

1:41 AM  

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