Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Debbie!

Well, I had lost my way here in the last few days. But, I will make up for it.

Today is my friend Debbie's birthday.


She used to make fun of the way I pronounced her name with my spanish accent. Sort of in a lovingly kind of way. We are contemporaries. I am 70 days older. For whatever reason, I have always remembered her birthday; even while running the Disney Marahton in 1998; as if I had nothing else to worry about. We have known each other, coming up, for 15 years now! She is special in my life. Much more now. Our lives have ran the gamut of any roller coaster there is. And she is still a very good, close friend. Last year she confessed that there are only two people in her life she gets really mad at; her mom and I. "But I realized that's because I love you both"- she said. Ok, so when people tell you things like this in a bar, sometimes you might ignore it. But then again, more confessions are often made in a bar, second only to a catholic confessionary (PLEASE dont ask me where to verify this dubious 'fact', just call me Mr Frey II).

This year, on New Years's day, I was in bed when Debbie called. She had broken up with the guy she had been seeing and was upset. This is how close of friends we are. Little did she know that there was someone next to me, whom I was temporarily putting aside to listen to her. I guess she will know now. But, as I had told Debbie previously, this guy, who lives in another country, accross the atlantic ocean and then some, was just a temporary fix. So, I know she will be fine very soon. Debbie never lacked male attention.

We were seeing each other back in 1992. I can say this now but we really did not say anything about this for a while. I do not remember if we started in 1991 but I remember making love in a balcony of a hotel in South America some new year's eve. I started by liking her friend first, and cannot remember for my life how the changed occured. I almost killed her when we first met! I picked her up and was going to dump her in a pool, when she slipped from my hands and landed in the water, very close to the edge.

We stopped seeing each other in August 1992. This I remember because she was in Miami as Hurricane Andrew was approaching, and I was afraid she was going to get stuck. Speaking about storms in my life. I was calling everywhere for her and could not find her. I found out later her 'real' boyfriend, who had a pilots' license, came and picked her up. Her roommate told me so, in what I think was a snidely move. One funny memory I have is that Debbie and her boyfriend used to attend the University of Georgia Bulldogs football games. One day she sneaked out to call me from a pay phone (no cells back then) and was not let back in the stadium.

I had asked Debbie if she was seeing that guy whose name she had mentioned quite often,and she said no. I just wanted to know. At that age, I did not mind the circumstances, I just wanted to know. The deception caused me to visit a dark place inside of me, and I ended up putting Debbie in a bad and very hurtful situation. While she had suspicions I might have set up the situation, she never knew for sure what had happened. That was until a few years later. We were on a business trip together, and something else happened. And during our argument I threatened her with telling her boyfriend as I had already done. That was maybe the one time when I saw hatre in someones eyes directed towards me.

A few years passed and we did not speak. I did not want to. She had broken up with her boyfriend. I sort of made a come back at a weird time. She had started seeing "an old man" , thats what I called him. All of the sudden some awkward situation happened on that relationship, and she thought it was me who set it up. Out of the blues I get a message from her threatening me with all sorts of things. I remember right now where I was and how I felt. It was sort of ok for her to feel I was behind it, but still I felt very sad because that brought up in us so many bad feelings. I do not know the result of that situation since by then we were not as close.

Later on we started working together again, and being very nice to each other. We would take naps together on work trips, and discuss all of our situations. She was in love with some guy, who up to this date I still think is the love of her life (sorry If I'm wrong Deb). In a 'common' man-woman relationship', he did not want to marry Deb for reasons I wont discuss because they belong to her. But another man showed up full of promise and they got married. However, promises do not fulfill essence, and later on she divorced. She was honestly sad at her marriage not working out.

About two years ago she left an envelope in my desk. It was a picture of us the day after we had 'gotten together' for the first time. We looked so young. I thought I was hot stuff back then, and thought the same of her. Looking back at that picture, I was so wrong. She is now the woman she was not before. A business woman who dresses very nice everywhere she goes, and who gets the attention of any man at any time. Like the saying goes, wine gets better with time. Who said 'Sideways' was not a good movie. Who says aging is bad?

Hope you had a good one my dear!


Blogger Lori said...

Very nice!!!!

Have a great day!!!

3:30 PM  
Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Tu hablas espanol? Eres cubano?

Dile Debbie que pasa un feliz cumpliano.

Pasa un buen fin de la sermana.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Cheri said...

What a nice tribute to your friend T-!

Have a great night! You are a true gentleman!

12:41 AM  

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