Thursday, January 05, 2006

Some R & R

With many things in my mind, and not too much time left, allowed me to do some R & R... Ranting and Raving. But, not really!

But first, let me link you to Lori's World and her post entitled "A Friend". I would have loved to write something like this, but she did a much better job.

If you read my blog, you know I like to share and turn friends onto new things. So please allow me to tell you a
bout some astronomy. Yesterday, January 4th, at approximately 1000am, the Earth was the closest to the Sun it would be all year. Therefore, the sun appeared bigger, as demonstrated by the picture to the left, taken last year, courtesy of The farthest the Earth would be from the Sun this year, would be in July 3rd. You might remember from early schooling that the Earth's orbit is not circular but elliptical. That explains the concept. Obviously those of you freezing your butts right now are wondering how could this be? Then, It should be warmer! Well, it is not the elliptical orbit that determines seasons; 'it is the __________(anyone? ....anyone?..... Bueller?.....) tilt of the earth'. Furthermore, the Earth is traveling at its fastest around the sun at 68,000 mph in contrast to 65,499mph in July.

Here is another thing I would like to point out to you. Venus is the first star out in the evening and the last one to leave in the morning. Its is the brightest night star. The way you can differentiate between a star and a planet, is that when you look at a planet, it wont twinkle. It will be a solid light, with a little glow around it. If you can find Venus this month, don't miss the spectacular sight it is offering on its crescent phase. And unlike the moon, it offers a little spectrum of colors in the sky. Binoculars will do. Go to for more details.

I had feelings today I have not had in years. Remember that feeling in your stomach when you were a kid and you really did not want to go to school the next day ? I felt that today! I have to fly out of town tomorrow, FRIDAY!, to go to a meeting, just for the day. Expected time out of bed in the morning? 0700am. Expected time back into bed 2300; if all goes well! After busy holidays, a return to work after the holidays, everyone resuming their daily routine and doing the things they had put off because of the holidays, the work overload has been immense. This trip tomorrow is not only disrupting my work week, but it will also put a physical strain on me.

I also had some major butterflies, chest constraints and palpitations upon seeing a very good old friend who I used to be very close to, and had not seen in a while. Darn, what is in my diet? I thought these emotional states were long gone.

Finally, politics aside, I would be a liar if I did not tell you that it was great watching David Letterman tell former Inside Edition host, Bill O Reilly on The Late Show; " I'm not smart enough to debate you point to point on this, but I have the feeling, I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap. But I don't know that for a fact." See the TV Clip, or read the transcripts.


Blogger Cheri said...

My T-! What a post! My head hurts so much from making me think! Solar, eclipses, butterflies and David Letterman....too much for Cheri's dizzy head (lol)!

Those pix were very cool and I am definitely going to watch the video. Letterman hit is straight on and exactly what I think when I watch O'Reilly...most of it is crap!

You sound like a really smart and sexy guy when you talk science! A perfectionist...whew! the women in your life have a lot to live up to! Are you a perfectionist in bed as well?

12:55 AM  
Blogger Sweetmiss said...

Damn T,
My brain hurts, I think I'm going to go lie down now. Don't mind the buzzing, that's, um, just the, um, TV, yeah, the TV.

Have a great weekend, hon.


4:04 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

Thanks T....I'm glad you liked it....And I'm sure you could write something like that if you wanted to.....I believe I read between the lines on this one....and it will get better!!!

Have a great day!!!!

4:05 PM  
Blogger Cheri said...

Hey what about Court TV!?!?

I am addicted to all those Forensic shows, MasterMinds etc. I looking to plan the perfect crime unconsciously?!?!

7:53 PM  

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