Saturday, February 11, 2006


Happy Valentine's Day to all my female readers!! Isn't this great? I do not have to drive to Hallmark for this! And speaking of Hallmark, let me make this 'valentine' official;

Roses R red, violets R blue, Im sending my love, 2 readers like U!

Ha, I am just your regular Robert Frost!

This must be the most stressful holiday! YES, more than Christmas! Most of the time this holiday can become "Single Awareness Day"; celebrated of course with Ben and Jerry. But, who wants that? I'd rather celebrate with Robert Mondavi or maybe even Jose Cuervo! Well.. really Margarita is who I am interested in, and not Jose.

Every year I dread this day! For three reasons; I think that it is a nice, romantic day to go out, but with who and where? Number two; If I have taken care of those two issues, then I am worrying about making sure that the night does not get ruined by anything! And third, I hate facing my feelings if I get to be home by myself! Darn... and I am a man!! Who came up with this holiday anyway? It was great in school; construction paper, scissors, Elmer's Glue and check yes or no!

Valentine's Day is definitely different for a woman and a man. Did you know that last year, 85% of the Valentine's cards were purchased by woman? And of course, in big generalization terms, most of the time the two sexes approach it very differently. And do not even dare to argue this point with me. See, I am a man; one that unlike many other men enjoys a great restaurant, a nice wine, a new dessert, a coffee and nice music. In other words, I am a romantic and enjoy that part of it. But many times in my life, this has been a day when I figured if I did everything right, I would get lucky at the end of the night. I am too matured for that stress now. Besides, the wine does not expect anything more afterwards.

This reminds me of one Valentine's Day I was without a date; and so was one of the lease officers in the apartment building complex I used to live in. She said so as we ran into each other as she was getting in her car to leave work. I always found her cute, but for some reason I did not want to go out with her. I guess because she worked and lived where I lived; a little too much. So I asked her out right there and then. I had been thinking all day of not having a date, so when the opportunity presented itself, I went for it. Nothing but a blunt booty call in the middle of an afternoon. It worked out for both of us.

Then again, I have other great memories of Valentine's. While vacationing in Puerto Vallarta in 1988, I met this one girl; probably the best good looking girl visiting the city (trust me I looked). Much quieter than the friends she was with but friendlier, and very classy. The third day of been there was February 14th. I asked her to go to dinner with me. Le Bistro was the name of this very romantic, cozy place. Jazz music playing, its table in an open patio with water fountains, it was exquisite! I could not believe that I had asked out this very good looking, quiet woman; that she said yes, and better yet, we kept it a secret from our travel companions and we went alone. We ended up in town, sitting on an old mural in from of the ocean with lots of stars, kissing.. feeling the breeze caressing us. Later on taking a night swim at the hotel pool.. However, our plans ran short, when we tried to get back to one of our rooms; they were all already taken!!! Ok, so the stairwell might have not been the most romantic place but every sentence needs a period; or better yet, an exclamation point!! Or two!

This year would be another lonely Valentine's Day for me, as well for many other people out there. But remember, 'better alone, than in bad company'. So make my Valentine's night, as well as the night of those who will be reading this, a better one by telling me your good memories, your bad memories, or what do you think of Valentine's. In the meantime, to those who are very special to me, the ones who have touched me in a special way, or shared special moments with me, to all my special friends, here I am wishing you love, and a Happy Valentine's Day! And for all the women reading this, enjoy James Blunt chart topping hit "You are beautiful".


Blogger Hale McKay said...

Hello, T. This was a very nice post. I loved the pic with the couple under the tree - I stole it! LOL - Don't know if I'll use it on blog - but it will go out attached to some e-mails.

9:48 PM  
Blogger TMelendez said...

LOL Mike... I spent like 10 minutes trying to "steal" your artsy pic from "The Calendar Told me So".

10:33 PM  
Blogger Fred said...

I'll be married for 20 years in August. Need I say more?

You'll find yours. And, when you do, every day will be Valentine's Day.

(Is that corny, or what??)

12:17 AM  
Blogger TMelendez said...

Thanks Fred!!
Corny, maybe.. but realistic and very nice!

12:22 AM  
Blogger Cheri said...

Oh my T-! Your cupid looks like he wants to do something naughty with his mouth!! lol

Happy Valentine's Day!! What a super sweet message. And yes, Valentine's is a day for lovers and it can be lonely if you allow it to be.

Hey, hubby is out of town, you should come and play with me on VD Day!!! XOXO

12:51 AM  
Blogger Lori said...

I love that song by James Blunt!!....But then again...I guess everybody does...LOL

Happy Valentines Day to YOU!!!

This was a really a nice post....thanks.

Have a great day!!!

10:25 PM  
Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

That is so very sweet, and charming!

Yes, I do know you had a dog named Astro. My son named this dog.

Feliz dia de los amantes!

10:12 AM  
Blogger Desireous said...

Well as you can see I'm very behind in my reading! Hope you had a happy Valentine's yourself and as one of your women readers I thank you for the well wishes.


11:41 PM  

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