Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Super Bowl of Ramblings

In honor to Super Bowl weekend, please allow me to fumble.. ahem.. I mean ramble.

Pre-game show
I am throwing FLAGS for unsportsmanlike conduct to BLOGGER who made my life miserable last night. After writing this post, it kicked it out of bounds, so far, I had to re-do it.

First Quarter
How in the world do we become such a party society that we can make an excuse out of a 'football game' to party? What was the question of the week? - Are you going to any Super Bowl parties? Yeah! In my couch! Gee, is not as if the Valentines' Day pressure wasn't upon me already. I do not remember a Super Bowl party I attended where I actually watched the game.

The first Super Bowl I remember was in 1976, Super Bowl X. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys 21-17, at the Orange Bowl in Miami. Oddly enough, 30 years later I live in Miami, work for a company based in Dallas, I just realized the numbers 21 and 17 have been my favorites throughout my life, and not so coincidental, when I played Pee Wee football, I wore 88 because of my favorite player Lynn Swan. So with that being said, GO STEELERS ! And while Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA, good luck Seahawks.

Second Quarter
I was eating dinner at a restaurant next to my office. A man circa 60 years old wore what it seemed to be an expensive wind breaker that read Steelers, and with the appropriate colors. I thought to myself, to what point do we feel we need to show the world who are we rooting for in a football game?. Hey, I root for my mutual funds; all year long. They provide me some tangible returns, something a pro-team doesn't, but I don't wear a sweatshirt that reads RPMGX or FDIVX.

Same thing goes for bets; do you have any money on anyone? YUP! TRowe and Fidelity. Are we all of the sudden supposed to be gamblers and play Kenny Rogers during Super Bowl weekend?

They usually have an all-timers game in baseball. Why not in football? I would love to see Terry Bradshaw playing quarterback today, handing off to Franco, and passing to Swan. It would be hysterical. They would be in slow motion.

Half Time
IS there any doubt which half time PRESENTATION has been the best? In case you missed it, picture says a thousand words!

I have been thinking all week, who has the best burger; Chilli's, Fridays or Benningans?

Third quarter
Where and how did I learned how to love thunderstorms? It seems that whatever mood you are in, whether making love, loopy or sad, or blogging, a good thunderstorm enhances the situation. Am I whacked, or does anyone else likes thunderstorms? Here is a picture of condition in South Florida, last night as I did the original post.

How sad it is when we have close friends who are going through a rough time and we are helpless about it, or don't even know what to say. Especially, when we have had a small hardship in our friendship, which seems to keep us from just treating each other as we used to.

Fourth Quarter
And speaking of friends, have you ever received a drunk call from a friend? They usually come at night. How come no one can call me drunk in the middle of the day and make laugh when I need it the most? Well, it was nice to get up the next day, and hear in my voice mail the same drunk voice saying "You are such an amazing Friend; DO you know that?" --- sometimes I do .. lately I need to hear it more often. But speaking of these calls, I have been
remembering the ones that I have gotten throughtout the years, and the ones that
I have made. How about you? Care to share any nice drunken call story?

Ok, after further review there is no conclusive evidence that this post needs to be reversed. The post stands as it was written.


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I'm watching the game now on my PC while commenting on your post. How nerdy is that?

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