Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekends; rest, home-work or catch-up!

This was a very good weekend! It was either because I took 2 days off during the week, or because I took 25 dress shirts to the laundry; shirts that now I don't have to wash, dry and iron. Funny thing is that most of them are labeled "care free", "wrinkle free", etc.. Yeah right!

What are weekends for? What did Loverboy mean when they sang 'everybody is working for the weekend'? I spend most of my weekends cleaning up the messes from the week. I am serious, if it is not one thing it is another. Is this the reason why I have to get married and have kids?; to divide up the chores? Who cleans their bathroom during the week? It has to be done on the weekends. And if not, I am doing things for the home, the car, or running errands. But what about relaxation? When does it take place? Do we have it wrong? I will be happier to work my 40 hours in 4 days and have 3 off. What happened to the work-life balance? Is out of whack, that's what happened. What am I doing wrong?

Thank God for weekends like this one! It started with an off site lunch on Friday, and then a quick and casual happy hour. I got up early yesterday, sat down at Starbucks with my paper, my coffee and my muffin; read the news, worked on my Sudoku, and watched people. My original post was going to be about my observations at Starbucks. I'll bring that out next week, as I am planning to do the same but take my laptop there and do a play-by-play. Maybe I'll sit one day at Starbucks, one day at Dunkin Donuts, and one day at Einstein Bagels. They are all in the same shopping plaza, and it is very interesting to watch the different 'markets' (clientele) these places cater to. What do you think?

I did a little cleaning around, some laundry, but not that much. I went shopping early, found a sale at Dillard's and whats most important, because it was early, my sizes were available! 50% off original prices plus another 30% off on that day!!! I bought 3 dress shirts for under the price of laundering the others. I was also able to stop by GNC and do something Ponce de Leon was not able to do while looking for the Fountain of Youth. I got little pills that should make my joints feel better, make my blood circulate, fight heart disease, help my digestive system, keeps tabs on my prostate, keep a healthy level of testosterone, and give my energy. Either these are very effective, or the word placebo is giving the word abracadabra a run for its money. And if you think abracadabra is just a song by the Steve Miller Band, you are also in need for these pills in addition to Ginko Balboa.

I went groceries shopping, and while there the smell of chicken wings once again did a pity number on me so I took them home. Blockbuster is right next door, so I rented a funny movie at around 6pm, which I did watch, and already returned today at 0930am. That my friends should be close to a Blockbuster-Guinness record.

This morning I woke up early again, and went and ran The Walk of Hope 5K which helps funding Breast Cancer research and education. While it was 70 degrees at 0715am with 90% humidity, there was a strong cool wind that made the day feel nice. And speaking of Breast Cancer, I learned this week that Sheryl Crow underwent minimally invasive surgery to treat Breast Cancer. Very recently we learned of the news that her relationship with cancer survivor great Lance Armstrong had ended. My calculations indicate that it was very probable that her diagnosis was done during their courtship; either that or news don't travel that fast. This makes me wonder about their interaction either way; if they broke up and the diagnosis was made, or if the diagnosis was made while they were breaking up. And following my already stated 'there are no coincidences' theory, I am wondering the impact Sheryl will now have on this cause, as Lance has had with his Lance Armstrong Foundation.

And how is this bit of news part of my weekend? By providing meaning to my life situations. This morning in the race a bunch of breast cancer survivors waited for us at the finish line with pom-poms, a smile and a cheer. A smile and cheer because they are alive. A testament to the $25.00 I take out of my pocket. Anyone of them could have been my mother; or your love one. And that brings a smile and a cheer to my heart.

So after the race I once again treated myself with Starbucks! Now I am watching my round of sport and political sunday shows, have my copies of the New York Times and Miami Herald next to me, and I am enjoying a soft cooling rain, perfect for a lazy Sunday, which I plan to have. Hopefully it will all be gone by this afternoon when I go to see the local showing of Cirque du Soleil's traveling show VAREKAI!

And tomorrow, I will be a much happier person on my way to work. And this is what weekends should be about.


Blogger Lori said...

Hmmmm......What do you mean....Who cleans their bathroom during the week??....There is nothing wrong with that...LOL...And that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

Have a great day!!!

3:04 AM  
Blogger Miss Sweet said...

One question. What is up with everyone's fascination with sudoku? I just don't get it. It may be too much for my tired brain to handle....could be.....

Just wanted to let you know I have a new diary blog underneath another name, if you want to update your links.


2:20 PM  
Blogger Cheri said...

T-! Sounds like a great weekend! Sounds action packed. I can't wait to know your observation of the different clientele...I am not sure of Eintsteins but I can give you a differnce in Dunkin and Starbucks!

And Sudoku!! Iam addicted...not as much as I was before I started blogging but I love them!!

8:13 PM  
Blogger TMelendez said...

now we know who is home during the week....

Sweet.. thanks for the new blog.. I wont be able to explain the fascination..cuz Im not there.. but its just an alternative to puzzles.. and with your possibilities just being from 1 to 9, it is not like regular crosswords puzzles.

Cheri.. you tease.. tell me what the difference is and dont tease us.

1:38 PM  
Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

It is amazing how much a dry cleaners can make one's life easier!

Glad to hear you had a good weekend, although by now, you are probably preparing for the next one, which I hope is as good.

3:58 PM  
Blogger Fred said...

Hey TM. Just stopping in to say hi and hope you have a great week!

9:21 PM  

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