Wednesday, March 29, 2006

After-thoughts from my last post

I was caught between replying back to my 'blog-riends' regarding their comments to my last post, or making a new one... so here is the new post!

It seems like the radio show part caught a few by surprise. It was an idea that sprouted out in the cafeteria during lunch with some of my puertorrican friends that attended Marquette. It was a spanish radio show called "Latinoamericano". We played spanish music. Back then, there were not as many latin artists as they are now. Most of the music we played was "salsa" (from Puerto Rico) or "merengue" (from the Dominican Republic). These types of music were the heart and soul of any latin party as they are very 'dance-able'.

And then of course, back then we had to be proud of a puertorrican group called "Menudo" as their music started not only to reach other countries, but it was the start of crossing spanish music with music genre like rock, pop, etc.

I remember the radio station (WMUR - Marquette University's Radio) alloted us four hours, on a Sunday at 8am... OOOuuccchhhh . The first hour we used to play regular music. My roommate back then, Ruben, and I would alternate each week on who was going to come in early and do the regular part. I was a college kid!! College kids are not supposed to be up at 8am on a Sunday!!! I remember like yesterday how one Sunday morning I showed up with only one hour of sleep... I was passing out while playing music.. I was looking for all the long LP (remember?) versions I could think of. I started the hour with the Gap Band's "You dropped the bomb on me", and as it was ending my first words were "and after the night we had last night, you really dropped a bomb on me baby.. or so it feels like." My voice was very coarse, deeper and slower than normal. I sounded like the dj's on the jazz stations during the love-midnight hour. The phone switch lit up like a christmas tree!!

Sweetmiss wonders about what would I sound like... just let me tell you, last week I had a cold, and I was in heaven because my voice was sexy to the max! It can only get like that if Im awaken in the morning, and Im speaking on the phone.
And speaking about sexy, regarding #41 and #42... I have always enjoy making the 'event' memorable! For those of you that 'sort of know me', I am not one to air my details, but ... pretty much the time in NY, I happened to have a high floor room overlooking all those Time Squares signs. From the moment I walked in and saw that, I knew what I wanted. There was a lazy chair next to the window. I wanted her to absorb the scenery. I really wanted her to remember it everytime she saw the light of Times Square; whether she was visiting NY, or whether she was seeing it on TV!

She was the same one on the white Mustang convertible with me driving from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara on 101 hwy, with the Pacific Ocean to our left. We did not plan it. She initiated it. It was very nice! A few years later she asked me if I remember that "road"! What else did she experience? Well, all I can say is that I hope she has good memories.

Regarding number #17, Dick Gumshoe P.I. wants facts... Well Dick, it was pretty interesting!! I was in college; I thought she was a cute and fun girl. She came in on the second semester so she was missing on the bonds the rest of us had already forged; so I lend a hand (or two). I just went out with her so that I could brag about it. I had seen some move in a movie the week before (it wont be disclosed), I used it, and it worked like a charm!!! So we ended up in my room with George Michaels singing "Careless Whispers" on the background. Ok.. here is the kicker, and one of the most unforgettable moments of my life; it involves a confession. That was my first time!!!! Yup, I was late, but I have made up some ground since then... Of course I was not going to tell her she was my first. Sometime during the night, she said "wow, tonight was a night for lots of firsts" !! Up to this day I am still wondering what she meant!!! <:-O

Anyway, at some time during the morning I went to the restroom, and passed by her white silk jacket with green letters. I stopped in front of it and paused for a long time wondering where to hide it. It was definitely a piece of 'memorabilia' I should have not passed on. Especially when some people in my adult life do not believe the story, and the Packers have not had their own cheerleading squad since 1988!

Relating these stories, and reading SPG comment, makes me want to do a 'Memorable Moments in my life' post. I already wrote about what I would do if it was my last day. I could very well write about what I have done that sticks in my mind. In the meantime, I am going to savour those myself tonight, and hopefully fall asleep with a smile! Lord knows I need many of those!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My 50th post!!!

So here I am at my 50th post. Yup, Im still a newbie!!! But before anyone asks, here are the 50 things about me you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

1- I was born in the upper west side of Manhattan.
2- I grew up (moved when I was 3) in Puerto Rico
3- I went to college in Milwaukee (Go Marquette!).
4- I was pretty much a 4.0 student all the way thru high school.
5- I quickly flunked a class my first semester, freshman year in college; Business Calculus.
6- I used to sing at weddings, parties, etc, until my voice changed at puberty.
7- I used to wear ugly corrective shoes for my flat-Fred Flinstones- feet.
8- Im an only child.
9- Some thought I would grow up to be a mama's boy when I was a kid; my dad changed that.
10- I wasn't that athletic; but that changed in the 5th grade.
11- I was an all around darn good athlete.
12- I can claim my first girlfriend in the second grade.
13- I learned how to dance in the 8th grade and could imitate John Travolta step by step
14- That reminds me that I could also do any of the Michael Jackson moves in college.
15- I was always well dressed.
16- I never really liked the game of telling woman 'bs' just to get some.
17- My first time was a GreenBay Packer cheerleader (lord I hope she doesnt find this)
18- I went on my first panty raid in college, not really knowing what was I supposed to do.
19- The nice guy that I am, I still regret the opportunities I let go off in college.
20- I had a radio show.
21- I dated a high school girl while in college; she was way too hot to pass on (Hi Carrie!)
22- I dated the local girl with the black Trans Am!
23- Never puked once while in college.
24- Then again, I didnt remember where I parked my car during my 21st birthday.
25- My first time getting sick was during happy hour, after smelling my date's Jack & Coke.
26- My second time getting sick was after smelling tequila the morning after a party.
27- I walked in on a naked-passed out roommate; I opened the windows to get him to cover up
only to find him later, passed-out hugging the toilet with a towel over his groin.
28- I am a very nice person, but dont do me wrong; I can get really mean.
29- I always have had many 'friends'; but only a handful of real true friends.
30- Its great to know that to those close friends, I am loyal, dependable, and trustworthy.
31- One day my dad told me I had to stop been picky or I would end up alone; was he right?
32- While I have always been a good student, person, etc, gaining an edge has done me good.
33- I love oatmeal and I also love Cheerios but I cannot have them on working days.
34- I might not be your 100% guy; I dont scratch, I dont spit, Im mindful of my actions.
35- At 5'9, I can palm a basketball.
36- I love the music of Prince.
37- I am very passionate; although many people had to tell me before I figured it out.
38- Add these three plus being latin, scorpio, and knowing how to dance and.... Im very sexual!
39- I own about 15 watches.
40- When I went to college I couldn't pronounce beach; I would say bitch!
41- I have made love while overlooking the lights of Times Square.
42- I have had sex while driving a mustang convertible on the Pacific Coast Hwy, around Malibu
43- Like many others, I strayed a few feet from the NY Marathon route in order to pee.
44- My right leg has suffered a broken ankle, a 3rd degree sprained, an achilles tendon strain, plantar fascitis, shin splints and a meniscus tear. I now swear it is 1/8 of an inch shorter.
45- I used to be terrified of serious rides at the park; now find me the worst roller coaster!
46- I'm a coke-aholic. Although I started drinking Pepsi.
47- I loooooovvvveeeeee coffee!
48- I am a night owl.
49- I used to be an eucharistical minister at church.
50- Im not sure if Im looking forward to my 100th post.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

If I only had one day.....

OK... this idea has been lingering in my mind since I read Lori's post .

What would I do if I only had one day? Well, since the assumption is a theoretical one, so will be some of my answers. We will assume that everything can be done during a hours period.

I would wake up after 15 hours of sleep knowing its my last day I had to sleep. I make a list of all my possessions and who they would go to. I'd go to the ATM.... cash baby, Im going to need some cash... although Im planning on charging most things.. being single.. no one left to pay for the bill, just a loss amount in a blank column in some corporation tax return. The ATM would be in my local supermarket; open 24 hours, I will enter it, grab a cart, and ram it against all the neat displays they have.... nothing hateful.. just some fantasy of mine.

I am waking up the person I want to spend my last day with; he/she should be with me all day.

Tim McGraw has it partially right; I would go "sky diving, rocky mountain climbing" and would definitely have to go a few seconds on a bull named 'fu manchu'. I would walk to the one I love and look her in the eye, and ask her if anyone loved her any deeper. Then, I would ask for one long lasting kiss. However, I would walk to the one I dislike and sucker punch him straight in the nose.

I would be a kissing fool all day; "excuse me, its my last day.. do you mind if.."

I'll make sure NASCAR is racing that day, so that I can do a few laps at 180+mph doing what it is illegal to do on a highway. I would finally take a helicopter ride. And I would bungee jump. I would climb a tree. What am I going to be afraid of; dying?

Lord knows that I would eat a hamburger, some slices of pizza, a lobster drenched in melted butter, a pint of Cookies and Cream, or maybe 'Phish Food' from Ben & Jerry.. Im still deciding...

And hopefully before I go, someone will give me some good, mad, crazy loving!

OK Lori.. so It took over a week to post.. but I started this on the 19th.. too much thinking about it!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I've been TAGged !!

OK... she is out of control; someone PLEASE go and kidnap Lori..She tagged me! Again! Just because she got a new avatar, she thinks she can do this to us.

Seven songs I am into right now

1- Calling All Angels - Train
2- You're beautiful - James Blunt
3- Someday - Nickelback
4- Fever for the Flava - Hot Action Cop
5- Lean wit it Rock with it _ Dem Franchize Boyz
6- So Sick - Ne Yo
7- My Humps - Black Eyed Peas

Do me a favor.. check them out!! I hope you like them!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Movie lines!

"Anger and resentment can stop you in your tracks. It needs nothing to burn but the air and the life it swallows and smothers. Its real though, the fury. Even when it isnt it can change you, turn you, mold you and shape you into someone you're not.

The only upside to anger is the person you become. Hopefully someone that wakes up one day and realizes they're not afraid of it's journey. Someone that knows that the truth at it's best is a partially told story; that anger like growth comes in spurts and fits, and in it's wake leaves a new chance of acceptance and the promise of calm." ~The Upside of Anger

I recently went back to school! Blockbuster College that is! I have recently rented and two movies that, in my opinion are entertaining and also very educational from a personal and social perspective! The Upside of Anger and Oscar winning Best Movie CRASH. Go ahead and click on the them and watch the trailers.

There is something to say about going to a movie theatre, or rent a DVD, and not only be taken away from this world for two hours, but also become better persons in the process. It reminds me of the summer of 1998! What a great year that was, and what a great summer! That was the year that Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa gave us a thrilling baseball season with their 150 homers between the two, breaking a record that lasted for 37 years. Too bad they were on steroids, but I did not know that back then. So forgive me for that disturbing digression. Hollywood gave us back then Good Will Hunting and As Good As it Gets; and the Best Movie for that year, Titanic! I still watch the first two whenever I catch them on my cable channels, and I still get something out of them each time. With these movies titles, the baseball digression was more like a metaphor to life imitating arts and vice-versa.

It is interesting to me how my male friends go around reciting lines to Caddyshack or Animal House. And if not, they will know lines from Scarface or Goodfellas Women don't do this much! Remember in You've got Mail Meg Ryan asking Tom Hanks what was it with men always quoting the Godfather? My cousin (who also doubles up as one of my best friends) and I favor sports and/or funny movies. We sometimes challenge each other with 'movie quotes'. He wins most of the time. I am sure most of you know a person or two who can do this.

However, most of those quotes have no social value, or worst yet no educational one. Yet, there are so many lines in movies out there that if we commited them to memory we could probably become a much better society. This is why these writers get paid big bucks! They have something to say. One of the lines that changed my life was from the movie Purple Rain. In a scene, the father and the mother have just finished arguing, and the father letting a tear down says, "if she only knew that I love her so much that I will die for her". WHOA!! That is it!! I would die for those I love. Think about it! NO dying.. maybe you should re-think what you call love.

The line that I just quoted at the beginning of the post from The Upside of Anger left a huge impression on me the moment I heard it. So much so, that two days later I received an email from a female colleague entitled "My Mantra" in which she posted the quote! I started laughing and replied back with the next line in the movie. It came in a moment where we had been 'crashing' onto some of our other co-workers and things at work. It was great to feel that someone else wanted to adopt this 'philosophy' in their lives. It was sort of a human touch moment that hopefully will stay in my mental screen forever. One of those that we do not have often, but which hopefully will make us better persons.

"In any real city, you walk, you know, you brush past people. People bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, we crash into each other just so we can feel something." ~Crash

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

LIFE is NOT Fair!

"LIFE IS JUST ISN'T FAIR, so you have to stop expecting it to be."

These are the words of Dana Reeves barely 4 months ago at a benefit gala for The Christopher Reeves Foundation in New York City.

As I was driving to work this morning, I heard the sad news on the radio that she had passed away due to lung cancer. "NO!" My mind screamed; "how can it be?" And then I started crying. Crying hard. The kind of crying that contorts your face to the point where you look like a 4 years old boy crying. This, while in the middle of an early morning traffic jam. I hope no one was looking. But then again, who cares?

I have only cried like this during my mother's battle with cancer, and the subsequent months after her death. Since then, this has now happened twice. The other one being when my most treasured friend's mother passed away. During these times I have wondered about how fair life is. I have felt the pain the loved ones left behind feel. Ms. Reeves leaves behind 13 years old, Will. How fair is that?

And so I cried. I cried because as an only child I have been wondering lately how fair is it not to have any sibblings to support me. But I think about little Will; and how fair is it that I demand from life something than now in comparison seems very selfish and shallow of me. I cried; because in less than a year and a half I lost the two main woman of my adult life. My mom, who is physically gone, and unfairly, that treasured friend whom I do not share simple precious moments with anymore. But I do have my dad, who has become my life, and my years of adult life. At 13, Will doesn't have either of those. How fair is that?

My life has thrown many bents and curves onto my road lately, and the obstacles do not let me see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the last week alone I have lost my way onto my blog. Today Dana Reeves words get me here once again, and fill me up with confidence as she tells me not expect fairness out of life. It is what it is. And if you know me, you would know that I hate that comformist statement. Only 3 years my senior, she (along with Kirby Puckett, 46) remind me that life is short, and I must continue to be myself and give all of me and my love no matter how is it received or perceived. For if I was to die tomorrow, I would want to take with me a loving heart and not a troubled head. And I would want those around me to know that is what happened.

It would not be fair to Dana to 'hear' her messages today, and do nothing about them.