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Barry Bonds passes Ruth with 715th* home run

Barry Bonds passes Ruth with 715th* home run.
There is no exclamation mark at the end of that sentence; if any, maybe a question mark. And yes, that number carries an asterisk. No one needs to see it; its bigger than the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

I do not tend to write about the strong feelings and opinions I have on sports and politics. But this one needs attention. This topic is as simple as name asssociation; I say a word, you give me a name. If I say Baseball, many will say Babe Ruth. If I say steroids, many will say Barry Bonds.

Here are the facts; Barry Bonds testified to a Federal Grand Jury investigating Bay Area Laboratories Co-operative (BALCO) that he bought and used substances known as the cream and the clear. Substances found out to be steroids and human growth hormones. But that he thought they were just flaxseed oil and a rubbing cream for arthritis (there it is.. flaxseed oil, if only Ruth Knew). The Federal Government prosecutors also presented Bonds with documents detailing a calendar of steroids use with his name on it(steroids like birth control pills must be administered on a schedule), billing details, and a possible positive laboratory test (you would perform the test to make sure the steroids are going undetected). All this information is found on the book Game of Shadows (you may also click on some of the links on this story and follow the archives on the San Francisco Chronicle website).

How are these the facts and not inventions of the two writers? The same Federal Government has handed out subpoenas to the writers of the book in order to find out how the secret testimony of a grand Jury was leaked out. If you are not familiar with the proceedings of a Grand Jury, witnesses are subpoena and deposed in order to prove the government case; in this case the target was BALCO, not Barry Bonds. In their deposition witnesses cannot incriminate themselves if they are not the target of the probe. However, confessing to wrongdoing can ruin their lives. On the other hand, if they lie, they run the risk of setting themselves up for purgery. That is why witnesses will use terms like 'I never knowingly ....' Still, an investigation on Bonds possible perjury started less than a month ago.

So now that you have your hard fact you may say that Baseball did not have an active ruling on steroids, so it is not Bonds fault. That McGuire and Sosa reaped the benefits, and now that they are out of baseball, they wont be punished. However, the commissioner recently said that an investigation of steroids used in baseball may lead to ban these players from any relationship with Major League Baseball; read, no presentations, no signings, significantly less money to be made (ask Pete Rose) in the future since they wouldnt be able to do anything that bares the emblem of MLB... which is pretty much everything baseball.

As a little kid I remember watching the news of Hank Aaron hitting home run number 715, and becoming the new home run king! I must have turned to every TV channel looking for the replay. Aaron faced racism, death threats and ignorance. I was a kid and I could not stand up for his dignity. But I am not going to turn my face away from that dignity being trampled by the selfishness and hipocrisy of one man who claims is the victim of a racial injustice. NO Barry, you are commiting the injustice. Aaron, the ever humbled man has not lauded Bonds nor has he made any negative comments. It took Bonds 2000 less at-bats than it took Aaron to hit 715.

Today, Barry rejoiced in his 'record' while running the bases. Only one of his 'teammates' came to meet him. On his mandated after-game interview, with hallow eyes darting around rather than someone focus on what he was saying, he thanked his teammates. But, it is well documented that Bonds is one of the worst teammates in baseball, even sitting separately from them in the locker room. He also said that he wouldn't disrespect Aaron's record; I certainly hope so. He was lucky that today he was playing in San Francisco; anywhere else (but Oakland, accross from the bay in San Francisco) he would have heard the boos. At least, I was preparing myself to do that, as he starts a three day-games series here in Florida tomorrow. So much for the hipocrisy of life; him to them, and viceversa. I was ten years old in 1974 and in awed of a sportsman. Today I am sad to see that the circus is still in town, what should be a celebration, is not. And I should have been looking forward to cheer a hero, instead I will jeer a zero.


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Very very sad....

1974....hmmmm what was I doing then....aaaaaaaa not even thought of...LOL

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bite me...!!! >;-P

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