Friday, May 12, 2006

A message from beyond.

ring.. ring..

This is the QWest operator, Is this Tony Melendez?
?? - One and only!
This is a collect call from Oceania; do you accept?
Oceania??? Isn't that a ficticious place in London? Who is calling?
He says he is name is George.
Hummm... ok.. I'll play .. patch him thru.

Hello Tony..? This is George Orwell.
It is, I am calling you from the next world.
The next world?? You mean that besides 1984 now you are able to predict the next world??
No stupid, from the afterlife.
Stupid??? I was not the one that came up with a pig revolution. What is this anyway, my recreation of Haley Joel Osment "I 'hear' dead people"? By the way, how is Old Major?
Listen to me, you must resist the Brotherhood.
That did not do any good to Winston or Julia. Besides, people are getting shot on hunting accidents. What is this your idea of an obstinate logical fallacy? You were off by 20 years my friend; So what if you called it in the 1940's? By the way George, did you ever get any royalties from The Matrix?

ring ring...
ring ring..
George, I've got to let you go... I have got call waiting and.. oh, I'll explain call waiting to you on the next life. Also, and before I forget, I am not sure if at the end of Animal Farm you were calling those running the totalitarian government pigs or dumb like animals...

Qwest operator with a collect call for Tony Melendez from John Steinbeck.
Hum, someone has been dusting off the classics.
Hello Tony, I saw you had been looking over some of my books recently.
John with this immigrant protest I wanted to quickly go over "Of Mice and Men". Just wanted to remember the story of George and Lennie, and the their quest and lost for the American dream.
Did you ever read Joseph Heller?
Sure, "CATCH-22", I aced that test in high school. The main character was an innocent man wrongfully jailed in order to keep fighting a war that had no reason. He portrayed the idea that only the mad fight the war, but if you're not mad, then you should be smart enough to know you need to fight the war. A long winded story with the moral that rationalization (not reason) can be used for the wrong purposes when the general population does not protest against such use or lack the sense to recognize the dangers of such a technique...... hum.. I think Im getting the notion here. John, why do dead people use Qwest to call anyway?
They did not give up personal information of telephone records.

ring.. ring..

John I've got to go, my call w.... , I'll chat with you later.

Buenos Dias!!
Mr Tony Melendez? This is the ATT operator, you have a collect call from Richard Nixon.
I do?? OK..
Go a head Dick
Tony, I read your blog where you say Jimmy Carter and I were at the bottom of your 'good presidents list', until just recently. You need to know that I am not a crook.
I am not sure if at your age and situation you are still a crook Dick.
I ordered the Watergate break-in to find out if there were any Al-Qaida connections.
Really? I failed to turn in my report because the dog ate, Im sorry because I thought it might be related to Al-Qaida also. Listen Dick, You ran out of rationalizations long time ago, what do you think you are doing?
It seems to be working for some people; not even I abuse the NSA that much.
I am not sure for how much longer; soon only 2 out of 10 people will need to wake up to the realization that this administration is becoming more totalitarian, taken civil liberties away under the pretext of a war, and making unilateral decisions without much regard to our system of laws which is already in place. And the rationalization that we have not been attacked since September 11th is getting very hallow. Before then, we had not been attacked since I was born, and this non-sense was not taking place. I moved away from my parents long time ago. If I wanted it to be controlled, I would have stayed with them. By the way Dick, why are you using ATT?
I have a penchant for having my personal conversations recorded.
I see...


Blogger Lori said...

LOL....Haven't you always wanted your conversations recorded??...NOT!!!

3:37 PM  
Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Siempre tienes un personalidad muy amable.

You are always pleasant, funny creative, and enjoyable!

Pasas un bien dia.

5:46 PM  
Blogger Hale McKay said...

LOL - Tony that was great! Thank you for mentioning this post in a comment over at my place. I am behind in keeping up with my blogroll. I didn't go back far enough on your posts the last time I was here.

12:55 AM  

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