Wednesday, July 12, 2006


To Someone Special

No more birthday cards that will end up in a trash can. I do not comform to norms, and when it comes to you, I am always looking to do something different. So this one is for you.

You are:
Warm hearted
Funny & Sassy
Strong and gracious
Quiet and Reverent
And, OH YES, you are so Beautiful And Blessed!!

You are all these things and more. I thank GOD for you in my life. I am a firm believer that people are placed in our lives for a reason and while we may question the “whys” and the “why nots” I will never question this opportunity granted to me by God.

Without much effort, and maybe without knowing it, You’ve provided a sense of stability and comfort. You’ve shown me who you really are while helping me uncover who I really am too. You have provided clarity and focus when I needed it. You provided shelter and hope for a broken heart. You became my lighthouse when the storms were rolling in. You've provided comfort on crazy days, and when all the world was basking in the glow of the sun, you somehow made my days even brighter. With you, there was always a soft place to land, and with you I could always be completely me without fear of judgment or retribution. You were there for me – and even when I felt no one else cared, you had a quiet way of lifting my spirits, making me smile, and allowing me to feel like someone cared at least a little. You became someone I cherish and you are simply amazing in my eyes.

Today is your Birthday, and you are far away. Further away than you ever were. It is also the month which reminds me of you happening in my life. I hope in some way you can truly comprehend what you mean to me. Your life is or was truly a blessing. But that is now your choice. I write this is in green as green is the color of hope. Please remember that you are a gift and a blessing for anyone you meet, and as such, you always deserve the utmost respect.

I will always love you as a person! I will always love you as a woman! But most of all, I LOVE you as a friend. I wrote you once that you will be 80, and I will still be saying Happy Birthday, no matter where you were.

Happy Birthday S!
Love Always, T