Sunday, July 23, 2006

Things Im reminded of

Among the greatest things GOD created, there is Sunday. Remember, the day of rest? It doesn't matter whether the 7th day is Saturday or Sunday, I have grown accustomed to Sundays being the days just to hang out and rest.

With that in mind, I slept in today. My TV was programmed to automatically go on at 0930am so that I could watch the last leg of the Tour De France. Then I woke up, made breakfast, watch some more biking, watch some sport programs, the British Open, showered, went on my own bike ride, showered again, cooked, wrote this post already before blogger pull another one on me, so here I am re-writing.

Watching the tour reminded me that I LOVE PARIS! I think it is such a romantic place. So the french may be hard to get alone with, but still, their city is lovely. That is in the summer of 1995. It is one of my favorite pictures. I cannot believe I was able to go in the middle of traffic, jump up and kick my heels, and have the picture taken. Not with that police car next to me!

While watching the British Open, I was reminded of how much I love to watch a human having an emotional spontaneous reaction. After Tiger Woods finished his game today, he embraced his caddy and started crying. This is the first time Tiger wins a tournament and his dad is not present. His dad passed away 2 months ago. He was the one Tiger always walked to hug first after winning. Not only that but runner up, Chris DiMarco, pointed to the sky after finishing his round. DiMarco's mom, Norma, suddenly died on July 4th. When he started the tournament, he walked to his first hole to meet and greet the people that would accompany him that day; there was woman scorer assigned to his group, her name, Norma.

Last week I was reminded that there are no substitutes for good manners and common courtesy. While I might not be the President of the US, and the leader of the free world, I hold up some basic things taught to me as a child, and as a young man that provide me with a great sense of personal value. While I may not agree with George W. Bush politically, I realized that in a two political-party system not always will I feel represented. But what happened this week in St Petersburg during the G8 meeting was not a good representation of american manners.

Maybe my problem with him is more as a person than a public officer. About two weeks ago, he was trying to be cutsy and make fun of a reporter who was wearing sunglasses in the lawn of the White House, on a cloudy day. The reporter is legally blind and needs to wear the glasses. While telling Tony Blair his view on the crisis in Lebanon, Bush was eating and talking with his mouth full. This I saw on the news. While the story was the personal view being given and the use of the word 'shit', only news-magazine program focused on the fact. To me it was amazing!

But just when I tought that was bad, the next day, while he was leaving the meeting, he decided to stop and give a friendly back rub to the German chancellor. In this picture you can see as the chancellor feels the initial contact and shrugs her shoulders! Can you imagine some guy you dont know doing this to you? This is pretty much basis for sexual harrasment in corporate america. I find this so out of place. Somewhere Barbara and Laura were having a fit! Or so I hope!


Blogger Awareness said...

A laid back Sunday full of thought provoking events........

I too watched the British Open and felt the emotion of Tiger's win. His heartfelt hug and his speech were really touching. The fact that he recognized De Marco with such kinship was so respectful too. Gotta love the guy.

It always amazes me when someone can overcome grief or tragedy to excel and stay in the zone to complete a task. The example these two men displayed speaks volumes to me that we acquire support from a higher power. I'm sure they honestly felt their parents with them through the guardian angels.

The photos of Bush..........he has no manners ..... it is difficult to respect a person in power when they cross the line and show a boorish side. I can't believe that photo of him giving "Angela" a backrub. Wonder what she was really thinking at that moment?? Yuk, yuk......

I love Sundays............ we should have more of them!

11:03 PM  
Blogger Lori said...

A friendly back rub....Isn't that what they always say???.....But then again there was this guy at work...that used to massage my shoulders....It felt great....and it was only a FRIENDLY MASSAGE....I know I know....doesn't sound right....but it's the truth!!!

Have a great day!!!

4:04 AM  
Blogger erika said...

Great picture of you in Paris. I do agree with you there I love Paris!

Friendly back rub? For some strange reason it doesn't look like she is enjoying it.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Green Eyes said...

I want a back rub! By someone I know, would be better, though!

Great picture of you in Paris, T.

Nothing replaces good manners.

9:50 AM  
Blogger TMelendez said...

Awareness.. I probably couldnt even play putt-putt after mom passed away!!

LORI.. "YOU're baaaacccckkk".. Hey youre speaking to the king of back rubs at work... but I wouldnt dare to walk to someone I dont really know.. I have had some weird reactions, and that is with people I really know. I have had to say.. "oopss sorry"

Erika.. if you click on the link and you see the video on YOU TUBE youll crack up at her reaction!

GE.. Am I couinted within the people you know and would allow back rubs from? You live close enough you know...

3:05 PM  

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