Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina Anniversary

As adults sometimes we play a game called 'remember where you were when..' A year ago I was driving to work in the morning hours of the morning. I decided to tune my radio to the local radio station which simulcast the TV shows of NBC. I wanted to listen to the TODAY show in order to know what was happening with New Orleans as a storm named Katrina plowed into the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi.

NBC's Brian Williams was reporting live from his cell phone from inside the Superdome relating how the storm had been so strong that it had open holes on the roof of the structure, rain was seeping in and some of the 30,000 people that sought shelter were getting wet. Early it had seemed that the doomsday scenario predicted by many experts had failed to develop. The levees had held up. But as the day went by, reports of the levees failure kept coming in, and right in front of our eyes, one of the biggest catastrophes of our era was taking place. And kept taking place. And is still taking place.

We all know what happened. We all know what did not get done. It is still a shame. As I sit here and write under the sound of a thunderstorm from Tropical Storm Ernesto, I think of those that who are left in some of the affected areas of New Orleans, and are facing another Storm season in the same conditions they ended the last one. I still think of the way there were being called 'refugees', and I wonder at what point did the storm take away their citizenship.

I am hoping that we have all learned something from this event. I wont plea to God's mercy to keep us save from another event like this. I plea to our citizens to do what it needs to be done so that something like this never, ever happens again in America.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Say it ain't so!

Say it ain't so! There is no more Pluto!! Erase out of your mind the, My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pies , nursery rhyme. No more Nine Pies! Only eight! Not only have I have been robbed of my innocence, my dreams, my virginity, but now this! Gee, global warming is a little worst than what I thought; Its getting universal and has done away with the 'icy planet'.

But it gets worst! Pluto, now demoted to a 'dwarf planet' (isn't a dwarf planet a planet?) is in danger of losing its long companion moon, Charon. Which hopefully wont be making commercial endorsements for Geico. Charon gets promoted to a 'dwarf planet'. Furthermore, the universe would now feature 2 more of these. And I thought the bureocracy and restructuring at work was out of whack. Ceres, once also a planet in the books I never read, was later demoted; it was called the lost planet as it was found by mathematical observations. It resides somewhere between Mars and Jupiter. And completing the list, the orbit designated as 2003 UB313 now becomes also a 'DP'. Now this mass could be easily called UB40 to make it easier for the rest of us to remember. Its 'finder' calls it Xena; the seductive but treacherous princess warrior (hum, maybe I will start calling some of my dates Xena). She gets a promotion. While Pluto, the god of the underworld, gets a furlough slip. I personally like Pluto. Maybe because its name is more user friendly than Uranus.

If you think that it would take forever to change the books, well think again. Places like NASA and Wikipedia already made the changes.

And before I leave, Im reminded of a joke I heard not too long ago.

Pluto arrives to Mickey's house, just as Minnie is being walked out of the house into an ambulance in a straight jacket. Alarmed, Pluto yells to Mickey "I didn't say she was crazy; just that she was fucking Goofy"!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A weekend I missed out on.

Dear Blog, I have abandoned you for a week. But that is not as important as the fact that I have abandoned the blogs of some of my bloggers friends. Was I the one writing about balance last week? GE threw that in my face, correctly I must say. I need a week vacation. I need to recharge. I need leisure time!

I need to sit here in front of my tv, with my drink of choice (Orange PowerAde right now) , watching things like the Yankees against Boston. I need to be able to go to bed, and not fret about the things I need to do tomorrow.

I was looking forward to this weekend thinking I was going to do a little road trip and go and meet some fellow bloggers. Well, I couldn't get out of work early enough on Friday and get going, so I had to cancel. I got my share of crap for not going. Saturday morning I woke up to an Instant Message left in my computer at 3:18 in the morning; "I come all the way down here and you are too tired for me? I even took a shower. I tried to call you but you gave me a non working phone number. gee" Hum, I swear I gave up my right phone number. Maybe at that time I was saved from getting the call. But then, who knows what I was missing on. I do not get the shower part but its ok.. at that time maybe 'they' probably needed a shower. A COLD SHOWER! Trust me on that one!

And then I get a heckling call at around 7pm taunting me to come and meet them; 200 miles away! HUM, that call could have come earlier.

Then at 2:12 on Sunday morning a voice mail was left in my cell;

this is an audio post - click to play

YES, everyone, that is ERIKA after a few bud lights. PLEASE DO NOT SAY ANYTHING about her midwest accent!!!! It all started with me calling her on Saturday and saying I was Mr Smith from Anheuser-Busch and had a two cases delivery for her. Then, at five something in the morning a picture comes in... too bad blogger is not letting me upload. Huuummm.... toooo bad!

I wont get onto the details of how Erika and GE entertained me on Sunday. But definitely, these two girls sounded not only very fun, but also very sweet.

I am sorry! I definitely missed it! Lord knows I would have been the envy of both of your Fan Clubs. Thanks for making me feel a little as if I was there, and for the little fun. GE, now that Erika is gone, a big hug and kiss to you, and let this fun weekend carry you through the week! I am glad I got the chance to heard you laugh out loud with the shaving cream!

I am sure both of you had a great time! I missed out!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Life is about BALANCE!!

Several years back I was participating in a conference call with the person who at that time was becoming my division's boss. I do not remember too many things he would tell us in those calls, but I do remember one thing; he said we needed to focus on making sure we had balance in our lives. Balance between work life and family life; between work life and social life, etc, etc. And since then, pretty much balance is in the forefront of my conscious living. At least I try.

My balance between work and home life is a little out of whack. I wish I could spend more time at home and less dealing with work. Today is Sunday, and like every Sunday, I spent sometime looking over the things that await me tomorrow and Tuesday. I am fighting that urge today; we'll see. One thing that kills me is the one hour average drive that I have to and from work. I am so much more productive when those two daily hours are erased from my life! I am more refreshed and rested. Think about it, that is another 1o hours in a week. Its like working an extra day.

We can also throw in there my social life. This suffers due to having only two days off, in which I seem to be spending too much time cleaning, doing laundry, undoing the mess I might have done during the week, etc,etc. Not to mention that I average a dismal 5 - 6 hours a night on a work week. Come Saturday and Sunday I cant peel myself off the bed until after 9a, and that's not good! (unless Im with someone).

How about that question that I hear often; "How's your love life?". Well, I am still too hurt over my last situation. Why would I spend my time being the best man that I can be to someone, just to have that person trample over me, and worst yet, never offer me closure, for whatever reason (I'd like to think she's too embarrassed). So, I cannot balance my wanting to share 'stuff' with someone with the fear of being done wrongly again. And oh, do not get me wrong, I do go out on my dates, but what us the point If I cannot give myself completely?

So everything in life must be balanced. I should have not ordered the combo turkey and chicken at the BBQ place yesterday; I should have just ordered turkey. I know that part of my charm is being a very nice guy, but still have a little edge. I know I like missing the traffic on the way back from work, but I need to make it home earlier. I need to balance the pain I still have over my mother's dead with the spirituality I have always had. And I still have to balance my expectation of people over their actual actions.

Finally, today my dad gave me a lesson about balance, without wanting to. I told him how I lost my balance on my bike on Friday, at about 20 mph, and how I have these nasty purple bruises on the inside part of my leg, right above and below my knee, along with a stiff knee with some swelling. He proceeded to say; "so tell me again, do you do this for recreational purposes, or are you that serious about it"? - Touché!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Things that Im pondering!

Okay, so blogger once again is being a bitch by not letting me upload pictures.... darn just when I was getting ready to debut my HNT.........NOT!

So here are the things that Im pondering about that you might be able to help me out with;

1- Why when you asked people if they find a geenie lamp, what three wishes will they ask for, they say something stupid like money, something else and something else..? ME ? Three wishes??? Another geenie lamp, and another and another...! Gee.. I didn't ace math when I was younger just to be able to figure out the 15% discounts at Macy's!

2- And by the way, one of those wishes.. the ability to experience Multiple Orgams (at once not in a day.... duh!!!!) And that would mean more than two!

3- If I was mute, and knew how to do sign language, if I cuss, would I just go and 'wash my hands with soap" or not touch my mother with them?

4- Why do people tend to do the opposite of what they really want? "care for some of my Oreos?" --'not really'..... riiiigghhhhhtttt! And why when Im the person being offed something, if I grab it right away, they look at me funny? Did they expect me so say no? Then, stop teasing! Dont offer!

5- This was sort of inspired by an Erika post the other day; well at least I was reminded of it. Why would woman want to fake an O...?? If you want to fake me out.. tell me I suck!! "Nah.. that aint doing it for me" "can you grab my nail filer?" .. make me work harder!! Make me sweat! Go ahead and take revenge; make me follow instructions. Then there wont be a need to fake it! ---- Ok, ok, so I have done it a couple of times so the drunk girl can finally pass out! Fine.. you got me!

6- Where does all the lint trapped in my dryers' filter come from? I just washed the darn clothes.

7- Cyberworld; fantasy, or reality? And if its mostly fantasy, why would any one else living the 'fantasy' would get expereince real emotions like jealousy?

8- Have you ever said something like "live your life" ..."enjoy yourself"..?? Well then let me ask, have you taken a chance recently? Have you pushed the boundaries of life to the best of your abilities?

9- If the world is round, and antartica is way to my north.. am I standing sideways or am I upside down?

10- Why are people afraid of the dark? I can see shit! Boogie man can be standing there and I wouldn't have a clue!

.............Im going dark..... Good night!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Good Era

I was just sitting in front of my TV trying to settle all the thoughts regarding all the things I wanted to write about tonight. I was going to do a compilation of thoughts. Then, all of the sudden, why exercising men's favorite hobby (massaging the remote control... well second favorite hobby) I found PBS. Its sort of a fund raising campaign show dedicated to Disco music.

Well let me tell you, my 72 inch TV is blaring with the surround sound equipment and I am having a ball!! What a great era! I have something that I can be nostalgic about. I feel pity for the new generation; as if T.I. or Dem Franchise Boyz are going to be getting together to make an album 30 years from now. In my last post I wrote about MTV turning 25, and that definitely stroke a chord with my audience (those of you out there)! Yes, forget where were you when JR was shot, where were you the night that MTV went on the air?

But before MTV, there was the Disco era. The days of vinyl records. LP's!
God forbid you scratch them! Or, in my case, lord forbid you left your fingerprints on them. The era of 45's and 33's. Did anyone ever play a 72?
And of course, right about that time the old 8-tracks! That to the left my friends was what my first player looked like. I loved it! Thank you mom and dad for that! I spent hours with it. I learn some English with it!

My first '45? The Eagles, "Hotel California"; by mistake, I thought I was buying something else. But nowadays, everytime I hear the song, I think what a great first song to own. I also remember my second one; are you ready? "Da Doo Run Run, Da Doo Run Run!"

And that record player that I own, played over and over my very first LP; the original K-Tel album. I still remember the first song, Captain and Tenille's "Love will Keep us Together", followed by Frankie Valli's "My Eyes adored you". And my first incursion into sexual thoughts with the song "Chevy Van" ('Cause like a princess she was layin' there,Moonlight dancin' off her hair. She woke up and took me by the hand, She's gonna love me in my Chevy van And that's all right with me)Looking for the album cover all over the internet to include the graphic here, I found out that maybe not everything can be found on the web. The first time I fail to find something.

But of course, I did find a picture of the second album I ever bought; the Bee Gees soundtrack to "Saturday Night Fever". Before you ask, yes, I could dance like Tony Manero. It was how I learned how to dance. Play me "You should be Dancing" and I will give you the whole choreography. But, right now if I had the chance to romance someone and ask them to dance with me, I couldn't find better songs than "More Than A woman" and "If I can't have you".

And so here I am, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs;
"that's the way, uh huh, uh huh I like it"you make me feel like dancing", "you can ring my bell" (Im glad to figure this one out in my adulthood), "dance with the boogie, get down, cause the boogie nights are always the best in town", "get down, boogie, oogie oogie", "so I like to know where you got the notion, to rock the boat"(the number one search for people to hit my blog :-O? ) and of course some girls all time favorites likes "I will survive" and "Its raining men". And two of my favorite ballads ever; the Bee Gees' "How Deep is Your Love" and Peaches and Herb's "Reunited".

So give it to me girls and guys, what was your first album? In the meantime, "do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight"!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

TWO 4 Tuesday!

"Control tower to Man"!

I have heard once or twice in my life that men are controlled by their little head, to the point where they lose the big one. Yep! Its true! Sometimes we do some STUPID things! "Blame it on the Rain"!

A few days ago I was shooting the breeze with a female friend. LB is a beautiful woman, tall, slender, beautiful soft white skin, big green eyes, pretty blonde, straight-shoulder length hair, and a beautiful smile. She is unassuming and very unprovocative in her manners. Someone whose beauty you admire the more you spend time with her.

She was telling me there was this guy from work she did not want to run into. In a couple of business trips they did together, she started realizing that he tried to get them adjoining rooms most of the time. One of those times, the guy knock on her adjoining door, and when she opened, there he was standing naked, saying something more or less like, 'see what you are missing'.
What a romantic! I died laughing! What nerves! Ah, one more thing, LB is married.

But wait, I remembered seeing something like that, and or hearing about other stories from some of my girl-friends. Once I had an apartment which faced the complex jacuzzi. I was witness to many rendevouz. One night, a late 20's couple were "enjoying" each other's company. That was until the guy pulled out his penis and I overheard him say something like, 'do you like it? why dont you kiss it?'. The girl was like, 'put that thing back in there'. He insisted. He lost out. At least for that moment.

So here I am wondering, girls, what stupid things have you witnessed or heard guys say or do ( I have said some stupid things) to try to get some?


Say it ain't so!!!!

25 years ago today, a black and white image of a man walking on the moon was playing on a channel near you. The minute he planted a flag down, the flag changed colors, a guitar riff blasted through your HI-FI TV, and the flag read MTV, the world's first twenty four hours video music television. It did not only change TV history, it was a turning point in history.

Appropiately enough the first video played was The BUGGLES, "Video Killed the Radio Star" .

We all might remember the VJ's; Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, JJ Jackson, and every male's crush, Martha Quinn. We remember the videos; the innovative Peter Gabriel videos, the animated videos like Dire Strait's "Money for Nothing", the fun ones from Cindy Lauper... that darn armadillo crossing the street in "Rock the Cashbah"... those guys from Dexy's Midnight Runner, in overalls singing in the sidewalk, "Come on Eilleen"... and maybe my favorite video of all time, A-Ha's "Take on me", where animation turned into reality and viceversa over and over.
Not to mention that lord forbid I would missed any videos by Journey or REO SpeedWagon. That Billy Idol's video for "White Wedding" used to give me the creeps. And I wouldn't watch any Black Sabbath or Alice Cooper videos. And I remember how much I hated watching that Nina, "99 luftballoons" video. There was WHAM, and Duran Duran. And then, there was the 'king', when he was cool, Michael Jackson. I think he lost me in that video where he got on top of the car and started smashing the windshield and grabbing his crotch a million times.

And so, there is a quick trip down memory lane for me, and with all these videos there is a piece of my history that I remember. Thank you MTV! And in your honor I play this musicvideo today.

But what about you? What videos did it for you?