Sunday, August 20, 2006

A weekend I missed out on.

Dear Blog, I have abandoned you for a week. But that is not as important as the fact that I have abandoned the blogs of some of my bloggers friends. Was I the one writing about balance last week? GE threw that in my face, correctly I must say. I need a week vacation. I need to recharge. I need leisure time!

I need to sit here in front of my tv, with my drink of choice (Orange PowerAde right now) , watching things like the Yankees against Boston. I need to be able to go to bed, and not fret about the things I need to do tomorrow.

I was looking forward to this weekend thinking I was going to do a little road trip and go and meet some fellow bloggers. Well, I couldn't get out of work early enough on Friday and get going, so I had to cancel. I got my share of crap for not going. Saturday morning I woke up to an Instant Message left in my computer at 3:18 in the morning; "I come all the way down here and you are too tired for me? I even took a shower. I tried to call you but you gave me a non working phone number. gee" Hum, I swear I gave up my right phone number. Maybe at that time I was saved from getting the call. But then, who knows what I was missing on. I do not get the shower part but its ok.. at that time maybe 'they' probably needed a shower. A COLD SHOWER! Trust me on that one!

And then I get a heckling call at around 7pm taunting me to come and meet them; 200 miles away! HUM, that call could have come earlier.

Then at 2:12 on Sunday morning a voice mail was left in my cell;

this is an audio post - click to play

YES, everyone, that is ERIKA after a few bud lights. PLEASE DO NOT SAY ANYTHING about her midwest accent!!!! It all started with me calling her on Saturday and saying I was Mr Smith from Anheuser-Busch and had a two cases delivery for her. Then, at five something in the morning a picture comes in... too bad blogger is not letting me upload. Huuummm.... toooo bad!

I wont get onto the details of how Erika and GE entertained me on Sunday. But definitely, these two girls sounded not only very fun, but also very sweet.

I am sorry! I definitely missed it! Lord knows I would have been the envy of both of your Fan Clubs. Thanks for making me feel a little as if I was there, and for the little fun. GE, now that Erika is gone, a big hug and kiss to you, and let this fun weekend carry you through the week! I am glad I got the chance to heard you laugh out loud with the shaving cream!

I am sure both of you had a great time! I missed out!


Blogger Green Eyes said...

For the record, I'm pretty sure we tried to reach you several times.

No picture posting allowed! lol Jeez! You scared me!

The shaving cream was a RIOT, thank you for the laugh! Thanks for wishing me a good week! Next time, balance, and meet us early!

Note to self: Do not leave evidence for Tony when drinking or misbehaving!

10:17 AM  
Blogger erika said...

Hey I don't sound that drunk. I am pretty impressed with myself!

Shaving cream does have many purposes don't it!!

11:58 AM  
Blogger Southern Sweetheart said...

LOL...Love it! Sounds like GE and E had a good time without you anyway! :)

You sorry scoundral - I can't believe you didn't meet them!!!


12:16 AM  
Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Life is all about change...We all deserve a break once in a while...Please do not be hard on yourself AND enjoy the powerade!

7:46 AM  

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