Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Amazing Race

OK.. so let me start with a disclaimer; I do not work for CBS, and I do not have any connections to the production company of The Amazing Race. I just love this show!

I do not want to be an American Idol, neither would I like to go to some darn island and be a Survivor, nor I want to be living in a house being watched by Big Brother. Although, I could give Dancing with the Stars a try.

But I would love to do The Amazing Race! I wish I could leave work for whatever time is necessary to participate of this show. I am sitting here watching the premiere of the 10th season, and I am experiencing true jealousy!

The first leg of this race has taken the participants from Seattle, Washington, US, to Beijing, China! And lord knows what other great places await them. Another great feature of this show is the ability to watch and observe 2 persons-team interact with each other. I have seen some sharp people, and some messed up ones. I have watched many beautiful women demonstrate that no one is living inside the beautiful house ("I didn't know Thrifty was a rental car place, how am I supposed to know that" - Kimberly, season 10).

The Amazing Race has won the EMMY for the Best Reality Competition show for the last four years in a row! Check your TV listings and Don't miss it!

Monday, September 11, 2006

We remember

5 years ago American Flight 11, on September 11, flew into the twin towers (II). Not a coincidence but a master plan. At 0846 in the morning, America was being attacked. In 1941 President Roosevelt uttered the famous words "a day that will live in infamy"; but little did he know that almost 60 years later America would experience a more infamous day.

I still remember what I felt when the funny Dj of the morning radio show I used to listen to, interrupted and in a somber voice reported that a plane had hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. My first thought was that of a rainy day, and a small plane. As I kept driving to work, he interrupted again and mentioned that another plane had hit the other tower. My heart started racing, and my foot pushed harder on the pedal. I was close to my office and by now I needed to turn on to a tv; into the news.

Immediately I thought, Al-Quaida. I had seen a chilling report on Nightly NBC News once that left you wondering when and how will they strike the US. This MO was typical of their operations. No one else could pull this out. WHO?? Kept asking me those at work whom I told about my suspicions. Now this group creates fear in the way of living in America.

These Terrorist are winning the war. Because when old ladies are being patted down at airports all accross the nation while only 5% of cargo entering our ports is checked, and because you can't take your toothpaste on your carry-on, we can conclude our way of life has been disrupted, and fear installed. When the way that America displays its societal freedoms is endangered,when the question becomes, when will they attack again?, we are being guided by fear, and we are not free, but slaves.

The attacks were on our way of life. On our freedoms. This meaning is two fold. The one I want to express is the fact that as a society we live too uninformed, too contempt. Homeland criminals create havoc and we end up seeing a neighbor or a friend on tv saying 'they couldn't believe this person committed a criminal act'. Of course not, we were not paying attention. We only paid attention to one another after the attacks. Both in a caring way, and in a suspicious, fearful way. We did not pay attention to the fact that our security systems at airports were terrible, and so were the levels of security at the aircraft, like a very flimsy cockpit door. Because in our way of almighty life we could not respond to the attack in a more swifter way, because we simply couldn't believe this could be happening to us.

The best way to remember those 'martyrs' from 9.11 is to live our lives in freedom. To protect those ways of life our founding fathers set up for this nation. To, without disruption of our lives, pay attention to everything around you, so that no one ever sneaks up on us again. "THOSE WHO DO NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY, ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT".

Friday, September 08, 2006

100 things about me... well maybe

(If you dont have time to read them all.. make sure to the bottom and read the last part).

1- I was born in the upper west side of Manhattan.
2- I grew up (moved when I was 3) in Puerto Rico
3- I went to college in Milwaukee (Go Marquette!).
4- I was pretty much a 4.0 student all the way thru high school.
5- I quickly flunked a class my first semester, freshman year in college; Business Calculus.
6- I used to sing at weddings, parties, etc, until my voice changed at puberty.
7- I used to wear ugly corrective shoes for my flat-Fred Flinstones- feet.
8- Im an only child.
9- Some thought I would grow up to be a mama's boy when I was a kid; my dad changed that. 10- I wasn't that athletic; but that changed in the 5th grade.
11- I was an all around darn good athlete.
12- I can claim my first girlfriend in the second grade.
13- I learned how to dance in the 8th grade and could imitate John Travolta step by step
14- That reminds me that I could also do any of the Michael Jackson moves in college.
15- I was always well dressed.
16- I never really liked the game of telling woman 'bs' just to get some.
17- My first time was a GreenBay Packer cheerleader (lord I hope she doesnt find this)
18- I went on my first panty raid in college, not really knowing what was I supposed to do.
19- The nice guy that I am, I still regret the opportunities I let go off in college.
20- I had a radio show.
21- I dated a high school girl while in college; she was way too hot to pass on (Hi Carrie!)
22- In college I dated the local girl with the black Trans Am!
23- Never puked once while drinking in college.
24- Then again, I didnt remember where I parked my car during my 21st birthday.
25- My first time getting sick on a plane, after sepdning the aftrernoon at happy hour.
26- My second time getting sick was after smelling tequila the morning after a party.
27- I walked in on a naked-passed out roommate; I opened the windows to get him to cover up only to find him later, passed-out hugging the toilet with a towel over his groin.
28- I am a very nice person, but dont do me wrong; I can get really mean.
29- I always have had many 'friends'; but only a handful of real true friends.
30- Its great to know that to those close friends, I am loyal, dependable, and trustworthy.
31- One day my dad told me I had to stop been picky or I would end up alone; was he right?
32- While I have always been a good student, person, etc, gaining an edge has done me good. 33- I love oatmeal and I also love Cheerios but I cannot have them on working days.
34- I might not be your 100% guy; I dont scratch, I dont spit, Im mindful of my actions.
35- At 5'9, I can palm a basketball.
36- I love the music of Prince.
37- I am very passionate; although many people had to tell me before I figured it out.
38- Add these three plus being latin, scorpio, and knowing how to dance and.... Im very sexual! 39- I own about 15 watches.
40- When I went to college I couldn't pronounce beach; I would say bitch!
41- I have made love while overlooking the lights of Times Square.
42- I have had sex while driving a mustang convertible on the Pacific Coast Hwy, around Malibu 43- Like many others, I strayed a few feet from the NY Marathon route in order to pee.
44- My right leg has suffered a broken ankle, a 3rd degree sprained, an achilles tendon strain, plantar fascitis, shin splints and a meniscus tear. I now swear it is 1/8 of an inch shorter.
45- I used to be terrified of serious rides at the park; now find me the worst roller coaster!
46- I'm a coke-aholic. Although I started drinking Pepsi.
47- I loooooovvvveeeeee coffee!
48- I am a night owl.
49- I used to be an eucharistical minister at church.
50- My naughtiest moment? Once I had a double 'one-night stand'.
51- My favorite TV show right now is 24.
52- My favorite reality show is "Amazing Race".
53- The first car I sported around was a red Volkswagen Rabbit.
54- The first car I bought used was a Mazda 323.
55- The first car I bought new was a Volkswagen JETTA!
56- I drive a black BWM
57- I have only loved one woman in my life
58- IM very picky! The women at my local Macy's shoes dept and watches say so.
59- I own about 27 pair of shoes (10 of them brown, 2 burgundy, 15 black)
60- I like the numbers 5, 11, 12, 14, 17, 21 (you play them, you win, you share!!)
61- I tear up when I see real life-spontaneous- drama unfolding (joy, anger, sadness)
62- I told a teacher my junior year of college that I would write a book in 20 years.
63- I am one year behind, but I started.
64- "The Logical Song" by Supertramp is my all time favorite
65- Despite a history of going out with blondes, my all time favorite women have dark hair.
66- While I like my Marlins, I grew up loving the Yankees. I like the Heat. And while I love football, I am not crazy for a specific team.
67- However I wore 88 in my pee wee years since Lynn Swann was my favorite player
68- I have had the feeling of hitting a ball out of a baseball park!
69- As a volunteer in the Florida Lipton Tournament, I drove Andre Aggassi's sister.
70- I have had the opportunity to meet in person two of my former 'fantasy' women; Farrah Fawcett and Kathy Ireland
71- If I could have anyone right now I'd probably wish for Jessica Simpson
72- If Paris Hilton offered herself I am most likely to say no.
73- I have never had a desire to own a boat.
74- Once, I walked out of a Pizza Hut because neither I nor my friend had money.
75- If I was granted a wish right now I would erradicate cancer
76- I have never hated anyone but in the last year I have learned to dislike very strongly.
77- I have been online since 1994.. dont know many others that have been around that long.

Well... here is the deal.... 23 left... it is up to you to ask me questions so that we can make up those 23...


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


From My Point of View!!

Yes! A year ago I decided to embark on this blogging thing. Being the geek that I am, I started the blog as a social-political commentary! Here is the first post. Katrina.

But after those first three dried commentaries, I wanted to pretty much put on paper the things I thought about, the things I might talk to someone over some beers. And over the last few days I have been going over those posts. Some I love, some make me think, 'what the heck'? Some return the feeling I had at the moment. Mostly the sad ones, as I am pretty much an even keel type of guy. But, they all seems as if I wrote them yesterday.

In that time, I have read many other blogs. I have since cut down on books and magazines I used to buy. I have loved many of the things I read. Some of them concepts foreign to me, but they are thoughts of real, common people. And the one thing I hate the most is not being able to read in a timely manner all of them.

Its been fun watching my stats constantly growing a little, and watching the same people come over. Many more lurkers than anything else. Its been great watching where everyone comes from, and the companies they work for. Also, it is kind of mind boggling to know 998 people have looked at my profile. This blog has also being an outlet to a sad part in my life; my mom's death, last year's storm here in Florida and probably losing my most adored friend, the person that besides anyone in my family I LOVE the most, to some human circumstance; and my struggle to get closure over that.

I have met some very interesting people. Some have become good friends. Lord knows that probably my 'best friend in blog world might have not been in real life. I have exchanged emails with some, and I have talked to some on the phone, (ok.. maybe too much fun on the phone), Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingand while I have not met anyone personally, I have received pictures from some of them. Yep!! Thank God for pictures!!! Oh, and there is one picture of me floating in blogworld, that I can confess to, but it is for you to find out.

This is my 99th post; I wanted to celebrate my year with 100. But I have to be true to blog protocol, and post 10o things you didnt know about me, on that post. And my 101 post would pay respect and honor to Sept 11th.

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for being a little part of my life!! Thanks for making me relax after I come home from work. Thanks for making me laugh, and making me think! Thanks for making me believe in God's plan of a garden with all types of plants and flowers, and that we humans feed off other humans!

Thanks! And God bless you all!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Today would have been Mom and Dads 45th anniversary!

We would have definitely been celebrating... and me looking forward to see them celebrate 50!!

Before Mom died, Dad would forget this day. It was my job to call him a few days before to remind him, and constantly remind him every day until 'today'.

I do not think Dad forgets now. I am catching a flight tomorrow and quietly spending time with him. I have done it the last two years. God willing I'll keep doing it for the rest of my life.

I was supposed to get there today, but my own life gets in the way. I cannot stress out over the week, to stress out during my days off. I need a few days for me to rest, do the things I need to do, and keep things at my place in order. That day was today.

Funny; unless we married and have kids I guess home would always be where mom and dad lived. Tomorrow, I'm going home.