Wednesday, September 06, 2006


From My Point of View!!

Yes! A year ago I decided to embark on this blogging thing. Being the geek that I am, I started the blog as a social-political commentary! Here is the first post. Katrina.

But after those first three dried commentaries, I wanted to pretty much put on paper the things I thought about, the things I might talk to someone over some beers. And over the last few days I have been going over those posts. Some I love, some make me think, 'what the heck'? Some return the feeling I had at the moment. Mostly the sad ones, as I am pretty much an even keel type of guy. But, they all seems as if I wrote them yesterday.

In that time, I have read many other blogs. I have since cut down on books and magazines I used to buy. I have loved many of the things I read. Some of them concepts foreign to me, but they are thoughts of real, common people. And the one thing I hate the most is not being able to read in a timely manner all of them.

Its been fun watching my stats constantly growing a little, and watching the same people come over. Many more lurkers than anything else. Its been great watching where everyone comes from, and the companies they work for. Also, it is kind of mind boggling to know 998 people have looked at my profile. This blog has also being an outlet to a sad part in my life; my mom's death, last year's storm here in Florida and probably losing my most adored friend, the person that besides anyone in my family I LOVE the most, to some human circumstance; and my struggle to get closure over that.

I have met some very interesting people. Some have become good friends. Lord knows that probably my 'best friend in blog world might have not been in real life. I have exchanged emails with some, and I have talked to some on the phone, (ok.. maybe too much fun on the phone), Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingand while I have not met anyone personally, I have received pictures from some of them. Yep!! Thank God for pictures!!! Oh, and there is one picture of me floating in blogworld, that I can confess to, but it is for you to find out.

This is my 99th post; I wanted to celebrate my year with 100. But I have to be true to blog protocol, and post 10o things you didnt know about me, on that post. And my 101 post would pay respect and honor to Sept 11th.

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for being a little part of my life!! Thanks for making me relax after I come home from work. Thanks for making me laugh, and making me think! Thanks for making me believe in God's plan of a garden with all types of plants and flowers, and that we humans feed off other humans!

Thanks! And God bless you all!


Blogger erika said...

Well you know what they say about a picture being worth a 1000 words. Congrats on your 99th and many more!

11:57 AM  
Blogger Green Eyes said...

Ooohhhh a picture??!?!?!? WHERE??? Is it of your ass?

Happy Anniversary, I'm glad the blog has been helpful! I know what you mean on not spending as much on reading material! lol

12:07 PM  
Blogger Awareness said...

Hi Tony.

I'm about to reach my 1 year milestone blogging too and have been thinking about how much it has enhanced my life. The people.....the posts that have intrigued me....the writing.....and the various topics/musings/feelings that can be shared and accepted by many. It is the most positive experience I have been involved with in a long time

What amazes me the most is how serendipitous it is when one finds a "kindred" (people who are passionate :) in the land of just happens......but it happens for a reason.

Happy the garden ending. It's so true.

Cheers. Have a wonderful week conjuring up the 100 bits about you.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Southern Sweetheart said...

"Thanks for being a little part of your life"! Dude -- I thought I was more than a "little part"! hahaha

Just kidding of course. congrats on being here a year and your 99th post! It's been fun getting to know and read you too T!!

9:45 PM  
Blogger Leigh said...

Picture? Did someone say picture?? Thank you for your all 100 of your posts.

Hope you have a great day.

4:36 AM  
Blogger TMelendez said...

Erika... 1000 words? That picture of you humping the M & M machine... Im at about 6,000 words for that one so far...!! Thanks

GE.. pictures of my ass..? you might find one in 72 74! Thanks!

Awareness.. Am I one of those kindred spirits?? :) Thanks

SS...typical woman.. call them little, still they dont like it!! ;-) Thanks

Leigh.. please dont get Erika nd Ge going! Thanks

2:42 PM  
Blogger erika said...

Ya know Leigh I think we should really look for this picture he is talking about!

10:41 AM  
Blogger Green Eyes said...

You and your code! I'm brain dead dammit! Help me out!

Erika and Leigh, I think we definitely need to find this picture! Now... where to start????

1:51 PM  
Blogger Awareness said...

Hey Tony!

All passionate people are kindreds!! :)

7:49 PM  

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