Monday, September 11, 2006

We remember

5 years ago American Flight 11, on September 11, flew into the twin towers (II). Not a coincidence but a master plan. At 0846 in the morning, America was being attacked. In 1941 President Roosevelt uttered the famous words "a day that will live in infamy"; but little did he know that almost 60 years later America would experience a more infamous day.

I still remember what I felt when the funny Dj of the morning radio show I used to listen to, interrupted and in a somber voice reported that a plane had hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. My first thought was that of a rainy day, and a small plane. As I kept driving to work, he interrupted again and mentioned that another plane had hit the other tower. My heart started racing, and my foot pushed harder on the pedal. I was close to my office and by now I needed to turn on to a tv; into the news.

Immediately I thought, Al-Quaida. I had seen a chilling report on Nightly NBC News once that left you wondering when and how will they strike the US. This MO was typical of their operations. No one else could pull this out. WHO?? Kept asking me those at work whom I told about my suspicions. Now this group creates fear in the way of living in America.

These Terrorist are winning the war. Because when old ladies are being patted down at airports all accross the nation while only 5% of cargo entering our ports is checked, and because you can't take your toothpaste on your carry-on, we can conclude our way of life has been disrupted, and fear installed. When the way that America displays its societal freedoms is endangered,when the question becomes, when will they attack again?, we are being guided by fear, and we are not free, but slaves.

The attacks were on our way of life. On our freedoms. This meaning is two fold. The one I want to express is the fact that as a society we live too uninformed, too contempt. Homeland criminals create havoc and we end up seeing a neighbor or a friend on tv saying 'they couldn't believe this person committed a criminal act'. Of course not, we were not paying attention. We only paid attention to one another after the attacks. Both in a caring way, and in a suspicious, fearful way. We did not pay attention to the fact that our security systems at airports were terrible, and so were the levels of security at the aircraft, like a very flimsy cockpit door. Because in our way of almighty life we could not respond to the attack in a more swifter way, because we simply couldn't believe this could be happening to us.

The best way to remember those 'martyrs' from 9.11 is to live our lives in freedom. To protect those ways of life our founding fathers set up for this nation. To, without disruption of our lives, pay attention to everything around you, so that no one ever sneaks up on us again. "THOSE WHO DO NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY, ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT".


Blogger Green Eyes said...

Well said, T!

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Anonymous Hale McKay said...

Excellent post! Well done!

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Blogger Awareness said...

Well written Tony. I wholeheartedly agree.

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