Friday, February 23, 2007

"Tony, do you believe in True Love?"

This morning I visited my chiropractor's office. While most people go to one for adjustments, I go because my 42 years-pseudo athelete-old body is starting to break down and I really get comfort from the theraupetic massages and electrical stimulation machines. I look so forward to my massages! At the beginning it was just a treat; now its a regime! Back then, I would just make my appointments; now I make sure I choose my therapists. Some people can really whipped you into shape with a massage. But more on my visits there on another post.

I have two favorite therapists. NOT only are they ADORABLE!, but they are great at what they do. So no surprises when I got there this morning. See, I have been down and out in the dumps the last two days, so when I saw the great smile that my therapist had for me this morning, I felt better! Two weeks ago I asked her how was she doing "Tony, now that I see you my day got a little better!" Who knew then the tables would turn two weeks later. When she asked me how was I doing, I told her that, like she said two weeks ago, "now that I see you my day got a little better"! I hope I was able to convey my sincerity in those words.

As I jumped on the table and she started working on me, only the relaxing music was audible. I was tired, I did not begin any conversations. All of the sudden I hear, "Tony, do you believe in true love?" Her words were so sincere. So interesting. This particular girl is not your mushy type of female; she is a 2007 women whose shades of greys do not seem to be found too often in her life. Her question however bordered between logical analysis and emotional query.

I laughed "couldnt you ask me this question on another day?".
"Oh why, bad week at work?" She inquired.
"No, I just been questioning everything dealing with this kind of topic in the last two days" - I replied. "So, if you are going to ask me such a question understand that I am not going to take it lightly. That I am going to give you an asnwer based on my years of experience along with the many thoughts about it. And I have been accused of being too deep or too intense."

The usually unflappable girl, sort of hurries to completely shut the door, as she is getting ready to exchange mind vibes.

I proceeded to ask her what kind of love what she was talking about; the kind of love where you could give your live for another, or the one that makes up fairy tales. I explained to her that my definition of love came to me watching the movie "Purple Rain", due to the song "I will die for you". If you are willing to die for someone, without a second thought, that is true love. But that I thought our connotation of 'true love' was askewed by childhood ideas based on stories, movies, etc. And therefore, I didn't think that kind of romatically 'true love' was easily attainable for everybody. I backed that up with my theory that most people are probably not married to their 'true love', "if not 62 percent of the women wouldnt be cheating on their spouses, for the times that I experienced love, I couldnt even have sexual thoughts for other women. Your heart is too full".

My therapist's angst lied on the tradeoff of allowing true love in one's life, without allowing yourself to go against your own way of being. Meaning, if you are a strong, smart, logical, individual, with your our needs and dreams, how do you let that go in order to now form a 'union'. And therein lies one of the greatests, if not the single most important balance point in a relationship.

In the movie the "The Devil's Advocate", Al Pacino's character utters that the "worst vice... is advice". I told my therapist that, like water and oil, love and logic do not mix. While she is a very smart girl, if she wanted the romantic 'true love', she had to take a leap of faith and jump right in. And after all that, all the smarts in the world neither could deliver a guarantee, nor explanations either. (Sorry, Al)

"Tony, no way, time is up already; we are almost late! We are going to have to do coffee some day".

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I like your definition. How old are you?

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