Tuesday, April 15, 2008


When I first started writing this blog on September 2005, I had found something to do that I love. I have found a hobby. Dictionary.com defines hobby;

1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

I do have a main occupation. But until last October I found myself more 'occupied' than I needed to be in my life. And sadly, forgetting about my hobbies, and about myself. But lately my main occupation is not as time taxing (isn't today April 15th ?). And so, there are a lot of interesting topics out there that I like to explore.

When I wrote that first post I did not know who, if any, would read it. By the time I took my hiatus, I was averaging a modest 1000 singular hits every month. So this hobby is not so much about who reads it or how many readers I get, but more of an academic exercise. Sort of like taking the verbal section of the SATs again; reading and comprehending. And of of course, it is also about making some observations in life, and asking questions I might not hear being asked.

And in honor of my first post, I will post several topics at once. So like in Poltergeist... I'mmmm baaaaccckkk!"


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