Thursday, November 27, 2008

And the story continues...

So I thought I was making a comeback in April. Boy was I wrong! I stated back then that this blog was a hobby, and given the fact that my time was not being monopolized by my job I could go back to my hobby!  Well, one of them. You see, I am a self declared geek! And if the 2008 primary and general elections did not present a moment in history, I do not what else would. Well, maybe the astronaut that let her tool bag slip and go floating away in space. And now there are  amateur astronomers (another hobby) tracking the whereabouts of this tool-bag in orbit.  What is it with women and their bags?  I though the the time my friend left her purse in the Starbucks in downtown Santa Barbara was bad enough! We were past half way back to LAX, 100 miles away!!

But, I digressed. Basically it seems now that I have been busy with my other hobbies!

Today, I am at work!  Sitting at the Marriott Torrance's RAIN Wine Bar and Lounge! What a surprise when I logged on to the wireless service that the computer knew who I was.. 


Welcome to Torrance, Anthony

..Are you freaking kidding me?  Cookies! What else are they saying about me?

What motivated me today to come and write was finding and reading the blog of an old high school friend! "BORICUAS REALENGOS". It is written in spanish, so if you do not dabble in the spanish language, and you don't like the way IE translates websites, just don't bother. A Boricua is the very native name used among puertorricans, to identify themselves. The island was called Borinquén (in one of its many different forms) by the native indian (Indio Taíno), before Christopher Columbus and the spaniards took over. "Realengo" is the words used to refer to a stray dog; one without a home. Some of us, puertorricans, or boricuas, find a major puertorrican or spanish community within our place of residence in the states, in my case, South Florida, to which we feel we belong to. I guess when you live in Tennessee like my friend does, the plurality of puertorrican people is nonexistent. And therefore, the feeling of being one of the few puertorricans among all the trees of Tennessee, might leave you longing for those things deep within our nature that are not present anymore but yet are the make up of who we are!

And what does that have to do with me?

With the explosion of the online community called FACEBOOK, I have had the opportunity of finding lots of old friends; kindergarden friends, elementary school, high school, college. And these people have turned out to be great people! They are part of who I am. They give meaning to my life even when they are, and were not present in my life. At this age, our commonality is probably based on our longing to look back and see who we were, and who we are. It further fulfills Maslow's higher need; Self-Actualization.

In the higher realm, there is not a sense of being 'realengo'. 

And for that, I am very grateful on this THANKSGIVING DAY!!